A demon or entity for seamstress!

Hi everyone who will read this ! o/
So, I try to search for an entity to help me in my job :slight_smile:
I’m a seamstress and I have my lil business since 6 years now. But it need to grow more !
I will make clothes and accessory for anyone who work with witchcraft .w.
Since I will put magick and loove in all this new things that I will create, I was thinking that maybe it will be more easy for me if i can ask the help of an entity :slight_smile:
I will make research on my side, but if you have some idea I’m open to hear that ^^

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athena if i renenber right spun whool and there is her opponent arachnee in the story

theres also this Category:Crafts gods - Wikipedia

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Don’t forget the Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who weaved the tapestry of Life.


Clauneck can help you with business, he’s great.

Would suggest to do some research.

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that’s all great ideas that I need to look :slight_smile: I know the Sisters of Fates and Athena but it’s all ahah.
Thank you everyone ^^