A Demon came to me in a my DREAM

The best thing that ever happened to me was this thing, When I was sleeping I saw myself at the top of the house Exactly in the room where I’m doing the rituals.
this being appeared AS my brother, The image is a bit confused I could not focus well on the person in front of me because the weather had changed, The atmosphere has become very intense and concentrated. I tried to look at the face a lot in order to know its features well, but I could not. But when I looked at the feet here, it was surprising!!! I saw that the feet are healthy and the human feet, But the other one was deformed It was a little bit like a goat’s feet :scream_cat: :scream_cat:
So I told him hello, So he told me to Invoke Lucifer. He said to me : Evoke Lucifer. I did not answer him, but I understood the destination. I did not remember the dream remained, But I remember giving him a kiss in his head, and he also did. He was a good person, Treat me with respect and calm.
It ended with his text and letters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. THANK YOU!



I told that person who came to me in my dream “HELLO” and he said “EVOKE LUCIFER”

Do you mean that this being appeared AS your brother? Or in a photograph of your brother?


appeared AS my brother

As soon as I saw him I knew that he is not my brother and that he is a demon

Its shape was a little different, the skin color was close to dark blue

I also dont understand this either.First,how are we gonna treat someone with calm, secondly, why should we respect you because he is a good person?

Rest of your text could also use a bit of editing.

For example

Why so? Isnt it your brother?

Which foot was human one and other is goat one?


This sounds a lot like a parasite but who knows. I do know your still trying to run before crawling and once again I’m going to say BE CAREFUL.


Yeah I’m going to agree with @Darkprincess because something seems ‘off’ about this.

If you want to invoke, or evoke Lucifer (I am a little confused because you used both terms and they do mean different things - do you know which one you mean?) then do so because YOU feel a connection to him and YOU want to.

Not because some entity wearing the face of your brother told you to.


Invoke and Evoke are 2 majorly different things. That’s why I’m confused with what he’s saying. And why I am once again cautioning him to be careful.


I totally agree. @Darkprincess

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I agree with you all that OP should be careful and continue focusing on the basics first, before jumping too quickly into something which maybe dangerous.

But can we not pick on his choice of words that much.


I’m just legit courious if he’s doing one or the other or even both. I just want him to be careful.


I understand, and I wasn’t even particularly talking about what you said.

It’s good that you explained to him that they are two different things. It is not always easy to understand all of the terminology correctly when you learn this in english, and it is not your mother language. You have to translate everything, and that doesn’t always make sense or it can change some meanings.


The left leg was a human, And the right one was like a goat

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I know the difference between them (invoke, evoke). I did a lot invoke, But I am afraid of doing evocation.
I see that Invocation is Safer

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Yes correct

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i do not summon an entity that i don’t know,

Okay as long as you know what you’re doing.

I personally feel invocation can be a big deal too sometimes, but as long as you’re safe and don’t rush into anything.

Have you read into ways to protect yourself? Shielding and banishing etc? It might be helpful.