A death spell based on false gossip about you

I wrote the original spell, Kronus helped me develop the rest.



Sep 11, 2021



Interesting book collection - I hope you will enjoy the one I’m working on too!

It seems to me like you could make a personal spell to use, if you are good at making rhymes and poems. Often spells are made of these, so it’s actually quite a good opportunity to create something personal.

Personal spells are way more successful than something you just find. This is because it’s more emotional. Remember what I said about emotions.
Emotions are KEY in spellcasting. And I mean KEY. If you can cast a spell, a black magick spell for example, like, a really nasty one, you will give it ALL the HATE you got in your entire body and convey it using the spell. This will create an emotional nuclear bomb and create a spell FULL of power.

On the contrary, with love spells, you must really feel the love - THE LOVE in your heart with your entire being centered around that person or the type of person you want to enter your life. This is also why it’s always best to perform a spellcasting yourself instead of for example buying a spellcasting service, because the caster can’t convey the same emotion as you. Sometimes it can work if the caster is extremely experienced and has special connections with spirits, but it’s always better to do it yourself.

Now, my proposal for your spell:

Face the planet Pluto - ( find pluto here: Where is Dwarf Planet Pluto? All you need to know to find Dwarf Planet Pluto in the sky. )

Why Pluto?

Pluto is a planet of transformations; the underworld; the subconscious mind; intensity in general.

The key here is the subconscious mind, because that is what we want to influence.

Write down the name of the person you want to target - revealing their true intentions, secrets etc. State everything here.

Sit down, light a candle of any color and call upon the great Agaliarept.

" AGALIAREPT, AGALIAREPT " call this with a pause of 5 seconds, 5 times.

When you feel the room changing temperature, use your own rhythm, for example:

No more lies against me shall ye speak,
Else to others like cow dung you reek.
Speak the honest truth about me and you see,
No more vengeance from me only peace from me.
Raise a word or hand against me, youll regret,
For blessings piled on you so high death for you be met.

Repeat x5

offer Agaliarept a shot of pure alcohol for his service and thank him! Let him go. remember to give him respect!!!

That’s it. Sit and relax, watch the candle burn for 10 minutes. - Let it burn out by itself.

Forget about the spell and everything will happen the way you want it. Visualize everything as you want it to happen and know Aqaliarept will take care of it.


I wrote the spell itself, Kronos helped me develop it.