A Constant in my Dreams

When I actually remember my dreams, they’re always about being in school or being of an age where I’d be in school. I’m currently a college drop out, hoping to go back when my family and I move. I’m 24, but I don’t recognize myself as that age. It feels more like I’m somewhere between 12, 15, or 19. And this is reflected in my dreams, because I seem to find myself either being these ages or being around people of these ages, or both.

Last night, I dreamed I was back in a private school I attended in high school. No, it wasn’t fancy. It was for special needs kids, and it was pretty brutal. I was in a special needs class. I had this feeling I should not of been there, but I was. The teacher would shift moment to moment as either an older woman or man in his thirties. However, he or she was not being fair to some of the other students (Males mostly).

I said something to one of the students, and she overheard. I asked to be excused so I can take my mom to therapy. My mom showed up somehow. The teacher said something that I thought was unjustified and I called her out verbally. She then laughed and sent me to a regular non-special needs class.

The other students in this new class were talking and playing around. I wanted to be a part of it, but I didn’t know what to say or do. So I was pretty scared. I then found a picture I supposedly drew with skulls and demons. People were impressed and were passing it around. I became popular for a bit. I loved it and FINALLY felt a sense of being one of them. I often deal with feelings of being different or separate from other people for one reason or another, both in dreams and in real life.

So it was time to go home. Other students headed to the buses, but I snuck out the back because I can drive. I passed by these older teachers talking about getting rich off the students. Then I woke up.

Many of my dreams, or those I remember, are somewhat similar. There’s always an element of either being in school, being a kid or teen, or being around kids or teens. And when I say kids, I mean being of pubescent age. No, nothing sexual goes on.

I’d like to know if anyone can tell me what this means and if I can or should do about it.

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School, suggest to me as a motiff, u are here to learn something…dunno what it is, or why. I hazard against ideas of soul and incarnation, but life can be seen as a kind of school. The motiff of special needs means there may be a special need for a type of knowledge…None of it implies ur special needs but that the knowledge ur meant to take in within this life or time period, is something specialized for the completion of your personal journey.

The female teacher represents the female aspect of your psyche or anima ( if ur a male, which i am assuming) . Her movement to a male may represent the mercurial aspect of your mind (which generally will appear with a female within the dream) . The treatment of males being less fair to males suggest to me that your female aspect is calling u out specifically. Perhaps she feels a desire for more attention.

Your mother appearing is also significant because the mother also can represent the anima (as may a sister like figure) . You were allowed to go to a normal class after u told the teacher u need to take her somewhere. This suggests to me something of your female aspect that when taken care of and resolved would set u back on a path of normal development. Im a fan of Jung, but am no psychotherapirst and am just interpretting this as a regular know nothing, so not trying to be a therapist and mean no offense.

Im tempted to ask what your relationship with your mother is like. I ask because this was the catalysts which permitted to leave that class. She’s important in ur life and developement in some way and I dont know why. Your anima ( teacher , old woman, crone archetype) and reason ( mercury aspect usually appearing as a male if ur a male ) seem to be directing ur attention to ur mother but not in a direct manner…The why is for u to piece together…Im no psychotherapist, or psychic.

Perhaps when u care for ur mother or something , ur connected to a part of urself that feels neglected???(i dunno possibilities are endless)…Are u a caretaker?

My relationship with my mother is positive and fair. Though, with isolation Everyone in the family is getting sick of each other.

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