A conflict of will

What happens when 2 mages have conflicting wills on something? Like lets say one uses his magic to see a certain company skyrocket, while the other uses it to try and bring the company to bankruptcy. Who ends up winning? Is it just a matter of who’s more powerful, or is there something else to take into consideration?

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that’s an interesting question. following this

The strongest spirit wins.

When two martial arts masters fight, with skill level and technique being equal, the one who will win is the one with “lightning in his eyes.” If you read the stories from observers, they will often describe very little actual physical movement, and a lot of staring. That is because the masters are each testing the spirit of the other, and sometimes the fight is won without a single punch or kick ever being thrown if one master recognises the superior spirit of the other.

In other words, if the power and skill of the magicians in question are equal, whichever has the strongest will win.


magick isn’t just will. there are other variables to it. such as live action in the real world to make one’s will be true. will alone is not enough. There has to be skill in the real world to make that will happen.
If you have the worker’s will to bring profit to company then your magick won’t do much. their combine will and action trumps your magick. There are ceo’s and president’s will that are weak but due to their great workers, they prosper. He’s just in the king’s seat reaping all the hard work from his employees. they made the company not him.
this question also bring up why you don’t tell others your goal. It’s to prevent them from conflicting will toward your goal. People will think negative shit toward you out of jealously from your ambitions. It may not get in the way of your goals , however, you don’t need that extra blockage of conflicting energy to make your goal take longer to achieve.

“Mages” careful, you don’t want to make us sound too cool​:joy::joy::joy:

I might suggest in the example you give, that their wills are not conflicting at all, their perspectives are. Both their wills seek the same thing, success. Thereby where is their conflict ? To determine which one is going to be successful, is determinate not to their wills at all but most probably to whether they can convince more other people, than each other, that their own perspective is correct. Thereby the solution lies as is so often the case, within the concept of majority.


I agree but aren’t there other potential factors in this scenario. Like what if the company is already close to bankruptcy. Doesn’t that have a big impact or no?

Yes, that would have an affect, but I would place the knowledge of such variables like that under the skill set of the magicians in question. My post describes the deciding factor if the skills and power of the magicians are equal.

For example, knowing how to influence the workers and management to best accomplish the desired result, instead of simply enchanting for the collapse or success of the business, would be a skill.

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Power, time, probability all come into it imo. Assuming the thing they are trying to affect is in an exactly neutral state, it would depend on the power/will of the mage. Otherwise I am inclined to believe the magic would take the path of least resistance, e.g. a company may go bankrupt if it is already on the brink; but if the other mage’s will was strong, the company could be saved from bankruptcy by a technicality and could bounce back and become successful.

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