A Collective Reading for BALG

This was meant to be a reading for me, but the plans changed last moment (felt compelled to do this instead) so I switched to a collective reading for BALG members.

Notes and disclaimer:
This is a new deck and I’m a new reader.
Since its a collective reading, it might not resonate for everyone, or you might resonate with some parts. Just take what feels right for you.
I am not responsible for whatever decisions you may or may not take based on this collective reading.

This was the first card that jumped out.
I asked for clarification and these 2 jumped out together.

Final set:

The Shamans have walked this plane many many times before and they have ascended the earth plane. The pain from the collective caused by the material world, has been heard from your Guides. What caused this grief could be anything from your love life till your financial state and survival. It’s different for every one of you.
They do hear out your cries and they’re here to tell you that you’re not alone in this, where you are walking now they have walked before in one or more of their previous lives, the same pain, the grief, the unhappiness, the struggle and they can guide you out of this, same as they have guided their tribes before, they can help you heal because to heal means to survive.They’re here to remind you that this too will pass.

The Shaman of Sorrows reminds you that we cannot live without encountering sorrow, but he knows that his contrary face is that of joy. He travels to the heart of pain and finds ways to heal you and restore your balance. As he have walked the earth plane before, he knows that what holds you back from living your life to the fullest here and now is your fears.
You have to stop avoiding it and face what weights your heart down. Reconcile with your own self, stop beating yourself around for what you could do different in the past, release from the grip of doubt and despair or these powers might manifest in your world. Nothing is permanent and what troubled you 5 years ago is now insignificant. Accept that it is what it is. Mourning is welcomed, if that’s what you need, but remember that even in the dark there’s always a light that restores our hope. This Shaman will walk be your side in this journey and help you find ways to accept and deal with whatever brought you sorrow.

Your Guides want you to overcome this, some of the members are trying to ignore the call to encounter their sorrow. Understand that by cleansing this path will open your access for the Spiritual. The Shaman of Song wants to guide you with this transition and help you find your potential. Some times in the darkness we might not see the light right away but when you deprive yourself from the gift of sight your hearing sharpens. When everything else fails, listen to your inner voice. The Shaman sings from the depths of your darkness and the sounds he produce reach out to the edge of the creation.
His song isn’t only a way to express with your inner self and communicate what you hide inside with others, but also a way to heal.
A suggestion to balance yourself and find harmony would be to use calming music for the mind and soul and meditate with it in order to find that peace you need so you can heal from your pain. By listening the music of your own inner self you will be able to find the clarity to discover and travel your own path.

Both these Guides are led to you by the Spirit of Healing. While the Shamans were of this plane, the Spirit of Healing belongs to the Aether. Facing your fears and grief with the help of the Shaman of Sorrows and meditating on your inner song alongside the Shaman of Song, you will be able to reach the Spirit of Healing. Some of you suffer from ancestral and generational “curses”, repeating the same patterns. But you, you are anointed to break this cycle. Step up for yourself: This ends here with you. This Spirit makes Journeys to your Ancestral and Guiding Spirits to find cures for what hurts you and cannot be treated by natural means. Acknowledging and accepting your inner sickness, is the first step not only to heal your spirit but to restore your wholeness, opens ways to re-energize for your ascension to Higher Planes.

The Shamans suggest to heal your Throat and Heart chakra. Accept the pain, face it and speak your truth, so you will be able to restore the ability to receive in your heart space and manifest your true path.

You guys got 3 healing cards and this is so powerful! This was meant to be a 1 card reading and I ended up with 3. I decided to draw one more card for you, from a different deck (that I’ll speak about another time) because I wanted to see what the outcome will be.
The final card was this:

And how beautiful is that, it has the number 34, 3+4 = 7 the Sacred Number of Completion! No matter what path you take, you will be led to Spirit. It is up to you, to decide if your path will be one of suffering, of loss, of grief, of bliss, of happiness. It all starts and ends with you, you shape your reality.
Take that big step out of your situation, step out of your comfort zone, do not settle for what doesn’t serve you anymore.
You are so ready to break your chains and follow your own path, your own destiny, your call.


this is a great reading, thank you.

If I may ask, how is it you interpret the cards?
do you just see what they are trying to tell you, or do you read the explanation from a guidebook?


I’ve spend the past 2 days bonding with my new deck. I used a similar method like the one from Koetting

Oracle decks always speak very loud to me. So the booklet wasn’t really needed. I’ve read it once and that’s it. Rest comes from the cards.

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oh so it comes natural, thats good to know!


A small update, this appeared in my fb memories and I find it very very fitting


I’ll remember this sentence.

Thanks a lot, Anassa!

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I love those cards what are they called?

Your reading was on point btw. Nice. :+1:


Thank you @Empress_Arianna :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s the Shaman’s Oracle, you can see some more right here :wink:

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Awesome thanks!

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So beautiful, and positive words of encouragement

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@Healing_Heart I don’t usually do a collective reading, it’s too much to take the energies of too many people, especially when pain is involved. But I was shuffling the deck for me already when the Guides where like “HEY Anassa? Hello?? Do this.” So it’s something that apparently had to be heard. :slight_smile:

@ReyCuervo don’t thank me, thank the Guides Rey :slight_smile:


Τhis :point_up::point_up:


It is interesting how I should work on these two chakras that are giving me a lot of problems.


It’s explained from the 2 Shamans :slight_smile:

why was that translated in italian, are you italian?


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piacere :slight_smile:

ma ti tocca tradurre tutto?

Tutto hahaha, però adoro questo forum, quindi devo u.u

cavolo, e un po un lavoro :sweat_smile:

Già x )

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