A children's book of demons Aaron Leighton

No, only the hypocrisy inherent in people who rant and rave about religious indoctrination as practiced by Christianity, but who will still give their children a colouring book of demon seals because it is what they themselves believe in. There is no difference between the two, though every black magician will deny it.

Children will always express interest in what their parents believe, whether that is going to church, and praying to Jesus, or to a personal altar and praying to Lucifer. Only if a child expresses a greater interest in demons and magick on their own should something like this colouring book be given, if one is to respect a child’s freedom of choice.

In my personal opinion, a child could best be introduced to basic esoteric principles through something like the Law of Attraction, the techniques of which use a child’s natural ability to imagine and pretend, but which do not inherently contain dogma regarding specific deities.


Would like to hear about your results with it.

I own it, but I haven’t tried it yet lol
I just had to get it before it got banned or something lol


If you try it, will you let us know the results?

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i dont’ think it’s wise to give this to children. They aren’t ready yet or even have concept of danger. Getting them into occult at such a young age can be more problem for life than help. heck, we even have adults here that can’t handle the occult as they aren’t grounded and is all over the place from lack of common sense thinking. Some people just aren’t ready and kids/children would be in that category. Too young to use it in safe manner.