A Channeling with Parion, Demon of Prestige and Influence

Hey guys, so as exercises to develop my clairaudience I occasionally open sigils and ask questions. Parion (from KOF) interested me, so I asked him a couple questions. I would love if someone could also ask him some questions to help confirm my gnosis!

  1. Who are you?
    a. I’m Parion, demon of wealth, prestige, and all you may desire.
  2. What are your specialties?
    a. My specialties are warfare of a financial sort. To be a king you must fight like one.
  3. How can you benefit my personal situation?
    a. Your personal situation is low, that is where all start, with my aid you may rise.
  4. Any advice for my current financial situation?
    a. Conserve your resources, find opportunities to strike. Climb slowly.

Does anyone know what offerings Noble Demon Parion likes? Thanks

Offerings aren’t required. However, you can always call Parion up and ask him.