A channeled techique to call azazel

this ritual was given to me while working with azazel months ago he says that ritual should be keeped a secret but just now i am alowed to share here it is,it is supposed to call azazel and his kindgoms and legions along with his darkness

“Itz rel Itz rel azazel
open your gateway of abyss
open the doors of the crossroads and bring forth your shadow kindgoms
et’may fay defa kalu mar’zastu may kal 'lar dofus azazel”


@Xag_darklight Thanks Dearest for sharing.


Thanks for sharing

Just reading your post on it hit me with a wave of energies… not sure if they are something that I should open myself up to tbh… feels dark, yet oddly celestial in nature… makes sense if you view Azazel as a fallen angel…

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