A call of Belial? Help me!

Hello everyone, I’m Brazilian and I do not speak English, so there will be some mistakes, but I will relate my experience with Belial. I had known goetia for almost two months, and I sought it for the purpose of realizing some personal desires in the field of love, money, lust among others. I summoned 3 demons of goetia, but all unsuccessfully, one to win in the game, one in love and the other to wealth and wisdom. The last evocation was from Bune, I asked for her eloquence of wisdom, riches, among others and I asked her to give me a signal with 7 days, I did this Sunday ritual. when I went on the seventh day of Saturday, I had a dream, I lay down after lunch and erased, and I came across a dream, in the dream I went to a mall here in my city, in the middle of the route I get messages from an ex boyfriend one which I still like, but the same does not feel more for me and I would reply him and then he would ignore me as he does today, so I went forward, in the middle of the way came a brunette woman who told me to eat a cake plus her, a chocolate cake with some strawberries on the cake in a cafeteria, we talked there (but I swear I do not remember his face) and we talked things beasts and about bodybuilding. The cake was very tasty, I ate it all, it came to the account, I ran out of money and I warned her, I even got scared and only realized I had only $ 7 after I ate the cake, she said she would pay the bill without problems, when I’m leaving I I see an old woman selling some things that I can not quite remember what it was and she approached me offering her products and it cost $ 10, I wanted to help her buy her products and I told her what I wanted to buy but I was money and looked into her eyes and said: look, I wanted to buy, but I have no money, God bless you. that you can sell all your products, and the woman was taken by a rage and spoke a few words against me … “God bless you, your hard, miserable bread, you have money and you do not want to buy” but I was without even, so I kept walking to get out and heard a loud voice: “offer a pigeon or a chicken to Belial that he solves his problems.” And as I said my problem is money and love. Whoever said that about my current problems knew of them, the person in the voice knew this, but I do not know who said that about Belial either. So I woke up from the dream and went out with a friend, I went to her house to get her, when she arrived she said she got a cake that was in the refrigerator, which was for me to eat, when I opened the lid of the bowl, there were a very juicy chocolate cake, and I was cold at the time, because I found it very strange, I soon remembered the dream. When we got to the bank to get some money, there was an old man at the door selling some electronics, in the same physiognomy as the woman in the dream, and my friend wanted to buy a cellphone charger, and the old man gave his price of $ 20. and we saw that he was very needy, she asked for many rebates and he was downloading until he almost said the same words as the woman of the dream and looked into the old man’s eyes and tell him what we are going to buy, I was also broke real life, hehehe, I felt sorry for him and for the old lady that I could not stop talking and I talked to my friend if she had the money and convinced her to buy even without getting more discount, the old man had gone for $ 12 and we bought. And that was what happened, I dreamed about something and on the same day everything was repeated on the physical plane, it was not 100% like the dream, but I had it in my head and I thought it was a call from Belial and Bune passing my case to him, then I evoked him and he resolved my love and financial situation. So I made the call today 16-08-2018 of Belial and offered him a new chicken as requested in the dream and a glass of wine, but he did not answer for me, but there were moments that in the evocation I felt a presence In the process, I I sacrificed the chicken and made my requests. My question is, was it really a call of Belial? The dream girl who paid for the cake and talked to me was Bune transferring the case to Belial. Why can not I see him during the evocation? Can anyone present your point of view?


It is very possible you have been referred.
I’ve also had this happen
Azazel referred me to Dra’talon.
Azazel presence coaxed me towards this.
Dra’talon was beautiful when he appeared.
He was like a Chinese dragon, curling out of incense. He was blue and silver.


In fact it was a referral to Belial, and on the second day after the evocation he made one of my requests and is starting to make another request, but still others are missing. After his conclusion of all the requests, I will offer something to him I will have his seal made in gold. But I want a deeper contact with Belial, a contact where I can talk to him face to face, see him and listen to him. As he is making the requests I will put here in the post or I will make another one testifying his deeds.
Thanks @Amoira, for sharing your experience.

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My pleasure,
I think it helps to compare.
Sounds really good, your intentions for King Belial.
I think he’s pretty special and always puts me in the right direction.
I love all the deities I’ve met.
King Belial is fatherly I feel.

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