A bunch of musicians here so

Who should i call to make the best possible music ever ? Not one. . what i mean is, who i can evoke to help my ability to produce music ? =) lol

I think there’s one spirit in goetia phenex who could help you improve

Edit: i was wrong he teaches sciences

Amdusias is the Goetia I know that helps with music

I was thinking non goeti

Yea, I can get that. Ummm, well if theres no limits on the type of entity, Saraswati is an Indian Goddess who specializes in music (among a huge slew of other things). Lucifer is also a musician figure if I’m not mistaken… there’s probably a lot more entities that can help with music, and we just don’t highlight that skill for them.

The “best” possible music only exists in relation to your personal perception and taste.
I have yet to find an entity that will increase your skill or make you produce masterpieces out of thin air.

Music is a subject as deep and expansive as magick itself, and you have to put in a good amount of effort yourself if you want to develop skill. I would be ecstatic if I found an entity that knew how to affect muscle memory or even put whole compositions in my head, but that in itself seems to be an organic process, and I think that having an outside force controlling those aspects would remove the fun from the process as well. Whatever you make will be unique, you almost have no choice in the matter.

That said, if you want to make the best possible music that YOU can make, Ive found Astaroth and Mammy’aon to be more than helpful when it comes to inspiration and wild ideas. The Black Sun exercise helped me be more imaginative as well, playing with different scalar modes and reaching for more unusual phrasing. Try it out and see what happens!

Actually yes i had felt exactly that with Astarot,when i started working with Astarot i had much more inspiration,actually it ways the reason why i started producing again and i somehow in a very shorT time i ways Able to do two very good songs i am proud of it…but i wait this to keep going,guess LotusEater already gave me all the answers i needed,thanks!