A boss of no worth

So yesterday I met the boss of the new job I work at. He is…eh. I am trying not to put to much into him given I just met him. But after what happened last night it’s not helping.
Basically me and my friend came in at 3pm to work a 3pm to 9pm shift. Well 9 came and we were closing up. The boss came over to do the final count. He then told us there is money missing, about 160$. My friend and the boss went into the office while I sat outside the dining room waiting. All I could hear is yelling from the office. Then after three hours, they came out and did a few more things to the computer system. He then said he made a mistake and only 56$ was missing but we were not out of the woods. About 12am we finely left and I asked what was all that about. He said that we almost got fired because of the missing money, even though we were only there for the end of the day and all of our sales added up correctly and it was only the computer saying we were missing money. My friend was forced to give some of his hard earned tips to “pay for our job.” After this I became pissed. We were punished for a reason that was beyond our hands. And the scary part is, I might have to work this coming Monday.
I honestly feel I need to call on some help to insure that not only he will leave me and my friend alone but that we won’t get fired for something stupid that we were not even around for. Any suggestions? Also to add no one likes him. Basically if he fired our only other manager that is grate and amazing, most of the store will walk out. And I don’t want to see any of the employees loose their job to this fuck up.


Belial is the first that comes to mind. Or even King Paimon too. If you’re good in with Lucifer he’s also a guy I’d go to.


Even your title screams “BELIAL” to me:

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How come Belial is the right demon fir this? Just curious.

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Thanks everyone. I was thinking this myself but wasn’t 100% sure. @Lady_Eva I just reread my thread name and I agree :joy: I did not think about that at all! I was just so pissed off I just typed :joy:


He’s a demon that tends to go against/hate the status quo, basically.


Thanks. Okay gotcha. Kinda like the Norse god Loki then?

In a sense but not in the same way imo

How would you say they differ?

I’m not sure how to describe it.

It’s like how two would have similar goals but go about it differently.

Ah. I see. Interesting…

Can you tell me how their methods tend to differ?

Keep in mind this is based on my experience. They both convey things to me in different manners personally.

Belial is very upfront with me. Rarely am I confused with him. When he manifests things on my behalf it will often work out in the weirdest way.

Belial is one of those “harsh teachers” as it were. He kicks your ass to turn you from lead to gold.

Loki on the other hand will present you with annoying and difficult situations, often times to teach you to undo the knots so to speak, so you don’t have to rely on others but yourself.

With him, it’s like a puzzle. Once you think you have it together he will kinda pull the rug from under you to show you that you have not learned everything. Especially about him. Loki is more chaotic about what he does where as Belial will smack you around lol.

These are just my experiences and opinions of course. Not 100% facts.


Thanks. That was helpful info. Thank you very much for that!

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Fun little secret about Loki, one of his totems is actually the spider, which links him to the practice of Seidr:

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That’s interesting. Thank you!

I have just today decided to work closely with Loki to get out of my rut of complacency and stagnation. That’s yet more reason to inquire about him.

If you have any other useful information, please feel free to message me if you would like to. I’d love to hear more!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Interesting :thinking: I have read something’s about Loki. I find him a very fascinating person.

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Me too hehe