A bit odd

So I’m not sure what this means but my entire life I’ve only done 2 rituals. 1. The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. 2. Some random prosperity ritual at the very beginning almost 15 years ago. So the weird part is while I havent done any other actual ritual or invocation or evocations or anything anytime I think about doing a ritual or summoning a demon or entity or anything I seem to get results and my life starts to change anyways. Now I dont visually or audibly see or hear any “voices” or anything. I dont feel like I’ve communicated with anything. But anytime I do serious research into an entity or ritual I make shit happen anyways. Now I’ve always felt a connection to King Paimon and hear recently I’ve done some serious research in some demons from the book of Azazel. And things seem to be coming together. But I don’t ever feel any communications or anything. Not sure how to explain this. It baffles me when I think about it. I can only imagine what could happen if I actually did a ritual or evo/invocation. Not sure what this means. Not sure if King Paimon has been silently by my side and it watching over me. Because at the same time i feel so distant and severed from the occult also and i cant explain why i think this, I’m just not sure. I’d really like to get some solid answers about this to maybe understand why this is happening. I’m not even sure if this’ll make sense to anyone else either.

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Many people face this exact issue but there a lot of ways to strengthen those senses. I know I’ve seen at least a few posted here.

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Glad I’m not the only one. That’s why I’ve develed into the Book of azazel. Theres a few demons I think can help me. But I’m limited by a few things, so like I dont have a universal circle or an alter or any of that. And I dont really have the finances to obtain those at the moment. I’m working and stuff but I just cannot afford almost 200$ for a circle and some of the other odds and ends stuff

Here’s one many found useful



Thank you. I’ve recently become heavily drawn to Krehl’a’teral

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You really don’t have to spend money to get adept at spirit communication. There are tools that can aid you or help you to get in the correct frame of mind, but you can make a lot of progress without them. I rarely use my altar for anything other than candleworkings. I just sit on the floor with some candles when I want to communicate to an entity.

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That’s about all I do also. I’m definitely gonna check that link out and soak up that info