A Bit Confused - a small theory

The way I see Existance, there is a duality of forces: The Word/The Law in the Multiverse…

Money is called Kesef in hebrew, which means Silver, which in my understanding is connected to the Moon and Law…

The Law changes the Word and vise versa…

Now Martial Law is the what they have in Communist China, and I don’t want to be there and I’m sure you too…

These are just my Musings…

What’s your take on things?

I literally didn’t understand a word


I’ll explain, by example:
The parliament enacts laws, which regulate citizen behaviour.

What a Law?
Written words, which change the way people act on the ground, this is called: “The Law Of The Land”.

The US Constitution, for one.


Those are human, man-made laws. And while we should probably abide by them, there are also deeper, more fundamental Laws. Like the law of gravity, or the law of consciousness (law of attraction/law of belief).

no man-made law may change the Word – Logos. But the Logos must enact itself within the (natural) Law.

We’re all Creators…

That what Christians believe, no?
There came a guy with a body spoke and the world was created…


sil knk

Could you elaborate?
I didn’t get that?


@Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight The Outer Darkness is called “Knox”, as in “Fort Knox”.

Reaching it requires a Heretical and Iconoclastic frame of mind.

It’s like when europeans wanted opportunity, they went to the states and when people in the states wanted opportunity, they went west and people in the West when to California…

Are you getting the gist?

If you have a search in my posts for the word “clockwork” I think you’ll find some similar discoveries I made, when I worked with Ahriman. The link to silver/Moon is interesting. :+1:

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