A Binding Spell?

There is someone that is very confrontational in my life that likes to cause conflict. Can anyone tell me a spell that I can do to bind them?

You could try Vovin’s Freeze Spell, that’s very reliable and adaptable.

This works better when you have a personal link so try to get something that is his, maybe something he has used or an item of his clothing as it contains his DNA.

If you can’t get a personal link then cast a circle and go through your usual opening rites and then try to evoke him and then bring him into the circle. Walk around him and dominate him, intimidate him and, take off his jacket and place in on yourself, run your hands through his hair and try to grab as much of his essence as possible then at that peak of intensity, write his name down on a piece of paper and place it in a jar containing shit, piss and anything that you wouldn’t swallow. Broken glass is also good here.

So you are basically binding him and surrounding him in a very hazardess environment, now bury the jar and realise as you do that his reign over you is finished and walk away from the site without looking back.

This is part of a much bigger operation I perform but this should suffice for your situation.