A Beginner pact with Lucifuge Rofocale by Vk Jehnanum is 🔥

I really suggest to do this for anyone who is very sirious of ones own growth in demon magic and generaly for ones own growth be it beginner or even advanced .

I did actually 7 black candle offerings and 7 demon invocations.Each demon i invoced them daily until the next week started and moved to the next one. Because the pact literaly starts at the near end of the first week so.yeah.
Demonia, Ophiomorphos, Paraplex, Yang Gan Y Tan(All of them can be found in Gnosis of various Fiends by Vk), Vorn (By C.Kendall), Rahovart, Luvitian(Also by Vk), Eshmak (Kingdom of Flames Ea Koetting)
At the end of it one would literally become a infernal majesty (if that is your true intent). It opens in the astral world near your vacinity where you life a witch house in wich you would aproach and knock on its door only to be aproached by you landing in a big ocean of darkness and before you opens up a yellowish whirl of eel like energy strings wich comes to consume you whole so you become one with it .
And than remanifest before a Legendary Mirror in the abysslike world of Lord Lucifuge Rofocale. You see yourself put together again with these yellowish energys clothed in dark kingly robes seeing yourself but different, filled with demonic powers. Like on your face one can see literally veins pop up and pulsating with power. I elevated massively doing this.

And i am sure if you are taking this matter into your personal importance and into your consideration of personal growth you shall too.

Many Thanks and Naga Blessings

:ringer_planet: LUX :medical_symbol: ANGUIS :skull_and_crossbones:


U got me sold í´m deffo doing it. I gotta find some insane demons to invoke i didnt invoke yet


For sure, youll be happy you did it!

Give your best though more in this case is bether!

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What “breakthrough” in your practices did you obtain by performing this pact?


I came to the exact fullfillment of my intent.

More magical and psychical power .
More demonic Authority and Rank .
Bether Astral Journey and magics.

My soul has gotten significantly permanently boosted in the ways of the demonic!

I can make these demonic presences more attuned with me and seeing them more and in calling showing more of themselfes.Even when i speak of them randomly troughout the day they manifest.where there is not theyre usual time but that also depends if the demon is a more day or night entity and how powerfull they are in manifesting generaly in different astral densitys that corelates to our earth also. There are some entitys who only can manifest on earth because of theyr now spiritual stage or lack of conection to earth when there is the proper and a big ammased energys present trough sacrifice of your own being and of others and or sympathetic imagerys.Others can manifest just like that.Becuae of theyr evolution plus conections they cultivate trough different entitys either trough humans or other beings who gladly are helping them to manifest.Its really like a second earth these whole astral realms and technologys.

But you can just go with the original intent and combine it that you intent to lucifuge that he will give you these breacktroughs you really evolutionary need to properly grow on your black magical path, is also VERY powerfull.


V.k says you should do a divination to determine if the rite is appropriate for you. I did several tarot readings and had very mixed messages. I put it off for another week until I can find out conclusively if this is right for me.

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tried this last year, absolutely amazing at enhancing/opening certain psychic senses


What you think about doing that pact a few times over?


I’ve never considered doing it more than once, but I’d like to.

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Well i have listened to my inner divinity and to rofocale what we are thinking about it and what should be the best way and we determined that i should also put my personal intent/wish in that pact.

I would say be carefull with tarot divination because if the cards arent cleansed and permanently energeticaly repurposed unto your chosen path for example the ae waite deck is pretty much more sephirotic in nature , there are angelic beings and other forces in that light direction who like to picker your progress for what ever reasons.

I concecrated my deck with infernal forces to give me the proper answers and guidances i need to potently evolve.

I only picked the beings out i trust the most and who i have worked with diligently and pretty often have brought me good results.

And , or

Infernal beings who specializes in divination, doing proper aproach and sacrifices and you are good to go.

I didnt belief it first but my past and present expiriences has shown there are astral priests and entitys from christianity and other abrahamic denotions and alternatives(sects) who are hunting and exorcising on force black magicians who are energeticly messing up the astral powergrid they build over centurys.

Apparently im messing that shit more and more up because of my black ascend but they never really completely gotten me, i killed they’re astral bodys when they do the “fuck around, and find out” action.

Thats why i sugest cloaking your spells and divinations on all levels is apropriate.

Of course if you are strong enough they are just canon fodder for you, but you dont really need that extra stress if you have other and bether thinks to do.