A 7 day spiritual cleanse

So I was reading up on summing demons from the Ouija board but I needed to do a 7 day spiritual cleanse. How exactly do I do a spiritual cleanse? What steps do I take to do that? I read something about having to use salt. Can someone help please.

It depends of you have a ritual. But most of cleanses are basically no sex, no alcohol, no drugs or cigarettes. You can add up a healthy diet or even fasting for the last day.

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Its a matter of preference.

Most here would probably tell you that you don’t need to do a 7 DAY cleanse before using a Divination Tool (though if you are following a specific tradition under the irl direct guidance of a master, you should probably hear them out. However, from the looks of your post, it doesn’t seem to be the case).

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, however, because there is a lot of junk and hearsay around that particular tool, you can spiritually cleanse yourself beforehand. Take a nice herbal bath (cleansing herbs of your choice), as you draw the water see it differently, this water is holy and filled with (light) power and will help cleanse your being, light some incense of the spirit you are trying to summon, put some candles of the same color of the correspondences in with you and just imagine all the impurities in your body being washed by the warm water. Soak.

You can also cleanse the board with sage or frankincense. Just wave it in the smoke and see it being cleansed in your minds eye. Get a nice print out of the demons seal to place under or by the board. Go into it with a feeling of receptiveness and be afraid. There is a lot of Hollywood pomp and myth around the board, and you are above that. Relax and have a good session.

The evocation of spirits doesn’t have to be hard or elaborate (though traditional ways DO have merit, they also have years of study and prep and are symbolically coded. Written by the initiated for the initiated). You can find plenty of guides of ‘How To’ if you search the forum.

As long as you are mentally prepared, have clear intent, and are actively practicing, you will get better and better (more pronounce) results each time you use a divination tool.

You can look up uncrossing rituals.