9 Demonic Gatekeepers

I thought hard about this. Honestly I was scared and still am scared about the sheer change thats going to take place, but i’m ready to invite each into my life and open each gate within myself. I don’t have money to plan grand rituals and evocations. Hell, I can barely afford ritual tools that are preferred. But the alchemical changes within myself and my reality are absolutely required or I will lose everything with no real hope of getting it back and better like these gatekeepers will arrange for me. My only real problem here is I don’t know where to begin. I know who to begin with, but I don’t know where. Could you or someone else here in this forum shed light on this? Belial is only really giving short, unclear answers right now. Hes beating around the bush of Black Alchemy but won’t really elaborate on how to begin his processes.

I was gonna ask, do you mean where to begin at the start? But then you said you can already hear Belial so you must have some experience. I was going to recommend chakra work and bringing yourself into better balance and bliss, there is power in that.

As for the nine demonic gatekeepers… just try evoking them one at a time? Simple rituals. Then you can go back and do it again later if you develop more skill to push open those doors further. Just my opinion and good luck!