80s Rocker dude demon?

So about 4 years ago I was literally battling demons. Idk how else to out it things were attacking me I wasn’t well grounded I was messing with things I knew better then to, I was provoking things that shouldn’t be provoked I had a non suicidal death wish. I would hear myself speak to myself but I knew it wasn’t me talking it was just my voice. I was being given information about people’s death before they died by the voice. It was giving me knowledge I couldn’t possibly have until it happened. My nephew was my pride and joy and my only other reason to live besides my nephew was my dog. I was in a bad spot. This entity had told me it knew I was broken, it gave me details no one else knew about my previous relationship I thought I was going crazy… one night I fell asleep and I was dreaming of being st my local ingles and my nephew was in the shopping cart my mom was pushing him around and my sister was following behind no one could hear me… no one would acknowledge me except for this guy that radiated fucking evil and death he was about 6ft 5 and probably 180-200lbs he had long shoulder length scraggly black hair he was as pale as the moon, he looked like an 80s rocker dude, he had a black top hat on, a leather vest with sewn on badges and tight black ripped Jeans he pointed at my nephew and mouthed he’s mine, no one else could see me nott even my nephew so I screamed as loud as I could “over my damn dead body” and I stepped in front of my nephew to my surprise everyone in the store was staring in my direction now but only for a second like they heard it but couldn’t see me and when I did he smiled a crooked ass rotten smile and turned into a cloud of smoke I guess? It was black and wispy and he went through my right hip when I woke up u woke up to the most unbearable pain in my right hip it was the start of 9 months of drs not being able to figure out what’s wrong with me, and me losing all ability to walk, to eat, to think, to sleep. I lost 90lbs in the first 5 months and I was withering away. No dr could find out what was wrong and after 9 months my ovary ruptured and I was sent for emergency surgery where the dr. couldn’t explain how it happened, how I ended up there alive, how I wasn’t dead a month ago, how the infection even got there… my ovary was the size of a honey dew melon I had sepsis and even after 9 months of this agony my fight had just began… it took a week for the drs to figure out where the mass was and how to go about the surgery, the day of my surgery i told myself this is it… If I die I die and as I laid on that cold metal table breathing in the gas I remembered the entity’s smile and how badly he wanted my nephew and I made it through surgery after almost dying twice, I remember waking up and it was no longer day but it was 10 PM at night idk how long my surgery took or what time I went back, but I know it was still light outside, this is it I’ve won, I beat that damn thing or so i thought… that night i became septic again and threw up black goo, i was shaking and cold and more nauseated then I had ever been ei remember calling for the nurses help and before they made it to me my room got still, I’m convulsing in my bed and this darker then dark blacker then blackness spreads across my room and I feel something touch my shoulder and pull as in to say it’s time to come with me, I knew it was death, I didn’t see him but I felt him… I didnt dare look back I just said in the most stern voice I could “im not going with you, I will fight you every step of the way you’ll have to drag me out by my hair” the blackness cleared my room felt normal the nurse come rushing in with medication, and when I spoke to the dr the next morning about what had happened she told me again I shouldn’t be alive that I had went septic last night and they were doing an emergency procedure. :woman_shrugging: did I beat death? Idk, I’m still alive. Have any of you ever seen this entity or know anything about this entity? (Tldr hes a 80s rocker dude about 6’5 200ish lbs black scraggly long hair, top hat leather vest black Jean’s and pale as fuuuck )

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You had me at top hat…and he isn’t as bad as you think granted your still alive yes that’s something to celebrate not question is tell you if he wanted you dead you would be so…but your not…why is that…it’s cause your life has more meaning to it then you think…you aren’t done here yet…this demon who came to you only toyed with you not to harm you…it’s what they do when you are still being tested… good thing is your still alive instead of fighting this guy why don’t you ask why he is there try speaking to him fighting won’t get you anywhere

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Who is he? This has been haunting me I hadn’t heard anything in a while not from him. I assumed he was just torturing me… he didnt give me much of a chance to speak to him in the dream I had before it all happened, this one last night we did talk it was the first time I’ve seen him since the first occurrence… he didnt give me any relevant information about why or anything he didnt even answer any of my questions, he just spoke terrible things to me best me down verbally in every sense… but he didnt feel evil like he did last time… even though he was acting evil towards me it didnt feel malicious it felt like he was trying to help me I’m just not entirely sure how, or why. I want to speak to him, I want to be able to ask why but I dont even know who he is. Or why he’d give a shit about me

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When you mentioned pale skin and top hat it made me think of Lucifer…if not him one from the voodu community of demons…they are like that you with you make you curious on why so when you call he can and will answer all your much needed questions