8/8 Lion Gate Portal

Hi All,

Does anyone has any ritual plans for 8/8 Lion Gate Portal.
Any recommendation? Which angel/ spirit can be prayed/ summoned?

Any additional information will be highly appreciated.


Woah i came here just for this, and I see the question posted right a minute ago!


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No entities or rituals for me, this is a time to cleanse and heal, release everything to Mother Earth and connect spiritually with the energetic gateway of our spiritual sun, Sirius.


The Lion’s Gate is at maximum power on the eighth day of the eighth month, activating the energetic power of 8/8. In numerology, 8 embodies balance and equalization in and across all realms. 8 brings shifts and changes that bring harmony and alignment. When under the influence of 8, being willing to let go of things tipping the scales out of balance is key to success and peace. Far-reaching ideas, achievement, financial security, leadership, organization, and ambition are all expressions of the number 8 vibration.

The infinity symbol is an 8 on its side, representing limitless power and infinite immortality. It’s a symbol that flows forever without end. It encompasses going in and out and continuous cycles within cycles. 8 holds the same shape as our DNA structure and stores codes that we can access, especially at times like Lion’s Gate opening.

Leo is a fixed fire sign that infuses everything with fortified and resilient life force. Leo rules the heart, teaching us to lead from the heart, motivate from the heart, and live from the heart. Its ruling planet is the Sun, the center of our solar system. Leo and the Sun are both archetypes of self-importance and self-centeredness, but in perfect proportion with the rest of creation. The Sun sustains life as we know it. It’s the God of Light who faithfully rises every morning and it represents the spirit-center in each of us. The Lion’s Gate beckons us to enter a new dimension of living where our brilliance and the brilliance of all other beings can rise, be seen, shared, and fully received. If we’re open and have the courage to cross the threshold, the Lion’s Gate will pull us into Divine alignment, from which our true power can be accessed and used in all the ways we were created to shine.

Source: https://www.sagegoddess.com/musings/step-lions-gate-8-8-receive-infinite-empowerment/


@Rish - yes. However, I’m to keep the silent treatment on mine.

However, you can be sure enough the sun will be involved on Sunday morning.

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I didn’t know about this. But I met Metatron yesterday, as part of a pathworking I’m doing. And guess what? I think I did it after midnight.


I have a last minute ritual to do XD.