727 meaning?

I keep seeing this number, didn’t find an answer here and I don’t trust the angel number meanings…plus alot of the meanings are repeating for different numbers.

Anyone know what this number means?

Plus, what does it mean if I’m seeing 1111 AFTER thinking about past dreams I’ve had of someone? Seems to happen only when I think about these. For 1111. It’s dreams where a spirit used to visit me (in the past), they were lucid dream visitations, and whenever I’m thinking about them (not often), like soon after I’ll see 1111. And I don’t see 1111 that often, except during these times.

I did post links, but they were for angel numbers.

In general, 1111 means new starts.

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Hmm, but those were things of the past?

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I think sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be.

If you can, write down your exact thoughts after the dreams. Eventually, the answers will come. Or why you were thinking about the person.

If you look at it differently.

1+1+1+1 is 4

7+2+7 is 16 and 1 + 6 is 7

7 + 4 is 11.

Your guides may be trying to tell you something. Mine have before.

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  1. A number of Luck…fortune.

The combination may elude to Double 7’s, whereas the 2 is hinting that they are linked somehow. The four 1’s may also relate to the 7’s…but you are most probably missing puzzle peaces so cannot really connect the Dots if you tried right now. You could say Angel numbers. But my intuition tells me its unconventional and you are at risk of a wild goose chase if you go for the “cookie cutter” explanation of books or websites.

Well I feel like the numbers are connected as well, And I don’t really think the angel number meanings is going to explain it.

Maybe I need more pieces for the puzzle to make sense, dunno. Time will tell.