72 demons in goetia to do with 72 chakras in the pineal gland?

Watched this video. It said that the 72 demons are in your pineal gland making up 72 chakras.

I don’t think there are 72 chakras in the pineal gland. The gland is pretty small so the only way it could possibly have 72 chakras is if each one was microscopic, and since the chakra system is Hindu, and has no relationship to the Goetia whatsoever, I find the idea very doubtful.

However, the 72 have been thought of as aspects of the mind (of consciousness, NOT of the pineal gland, which is certainly not the “subconscious mind”, as this dude says. That is just ridiculous.) as far back as MacGregor Mather’s translation of the Goetia, and was the basis for this:

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