72 Angels of Magick

I am reading this book by Damon Brand
72 Angels of Magick

I want to ask one of them to bless something for me.

Anyway, I was wondering about my guardian angel.
As yet, I have read of no way to make contact with my guardian angel in the book. Some posts I have read in forums say the my personal guardian angel would be best to contact first because it is easiest. Since they are literally assigned to me.

I don’t know, so far the book has not mentioned how to contact my GA and I am nearly done with the instructions and to the part where it describes Angelic powers and gives the Seal so you can call summon them.
So I don’t think it is going to cover guardian angels. (a quick scan did not reveal any headings that talked about it)

I have never summoned a spirit of any kind, other than the Holy Spirit and I invoked one or was possessed by one when baptized. but other than that I have no experience at all with spirits
(I’m here now because, frankly, God has been something of a deadbeat dad for the last 10 years or so, so I need to do something to mix it up a little)

It makes sense to me to follow the chain of command, how do I summon a guardian angel?
although I am guessing a guardian angel does not have the power to give a blessing like what I want, still, if I have one assigned to me, maybe I should go there first.

Does anyone know how to summon a guardian angel?

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The 72 Angels of the Shemhamforash have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the New Age idea of a guardian angel.

There is so much bullshit around about guardian angels that my advice would be to just ignore it altogether. It’s useless and unnecessary.

In Western Ceremonial Magick, you will hear about the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel. This is derived from a manuscript known as The Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. However, the name is a misnomer because it is NOT an angel, in the traditional sense, but is, in fact, a part of the Greater Self, and serves as a magical guide and protector of sorts. The operation to invoke it, known as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (or simply the Abramelin Operation) is six months long, and requires long periods of devotion and prayer.

The HGA is not a “guardian angel” in the New Age sense. Crowley called it a guardian angel as a tongue in cheek joke. It is something far greater.


OK, thanks for helping.

This makes life easier because I did not think the HGA (the way I read about it in the literature [if you can call crazy posts on the internet literture]) would be strong enough for what I wanted.

On the other hand, once I can figure out which Angel to talk to I think it will be strong enough for what I want. Also, it only takes 11 days.

this is a little off topic but can someone recommend some basic, easy to do visualization techniques for beginners.
I can call to memory little stuff, like a piece of bacon and see it and hear it frying, even taste it and smell it but I can’t do stuff like picture a white ball going inside of me and then becoming as big as the universe.
I need a Meditation & Visualization for Morons sort of program