7 free readings with my new Runes Oracle deck

I’m offering 7 free readings with my new Runes Oracle deck that I just picked up.

Each card has the rune symbol and beautiful artwork that represents the meaning of the rune.

Tiwaz has a picture of a giant ship braving a terrible storm,Fehu has a picture of a farm landscape,ect.

I’ll pull one card on your question as I have already done a reading for myself twice and it was deadly accurate.

So first 7 posters get a reading!


I don’t think I’ve ever had a rune reading. I know I’ve had a lot of free readings from you Musta, so if I don’t qualify this time around, just let me know but i would love to see what they have to say- same question as before regarding my Ascent.

DarkestKnight the Mighty Musta Krackish has chosen you once again for a super awesome reading of powerful coolness of the blackest black…TIMES INFINITY!!

Id like one.

5 more spots to go muhfuckas!

Alright, I may as well take a spot

Me, if you don’t mind.

can i have one reading mk?

OK so far I got DarkestKnight,Euoi,defectron,Milder,and dron.

2 more spots left.

Can i take a part again?

If possible I’d really like one!

Widdershins,and BlackFlame are in.
That’s it.All spots are filled.

Everybody PM me you questions.

I found his reading particularly interesting. It gave me a bit to think about and meditate on. And it just might be talking about something I have already begun working on, so I’m going to continue it.
Thanks Musta! Never had any rune divination before, but this was really cool!

I must say, Musta has a real flair for this. His reading not only clarified my question, but the card he pulled made perfect sense within the context.

Thank you, my brother. You are growing by leaps and bounds, and I appreciate the insights you offer.

Thanks Euoi and DarkestKnight for the kind words and for letting me read for you!

I plan on using these cards to gain knowledge on the runes then move onto reading the runes themselves through a pathworking after I finish my pathworking with the tarot which I need to get on as I have only communicated with the first 2 cards of the Major Arcana

I apologize for taking some time here musta, i’m kinda waiting here for some other readings to come for me first… But i will try to send you my question as soon as i can.

Got mustas reading today, it pretty much confirmed alot of my feelings on the situation.

i got mine today and it was hopeful. it was exactly what i wanted to hear.


Hopefully I’ll get mine soon :slight_smile:

Sorry Mider,I thought I sent yours.
I have it written down so I’ll send it to you when I get home today.