7 day summoning

I will be evoking vassago every night of the week. I want him to help me with my senses and divination.

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Ok so I put up a candle and tried to get into a deeps state but failed to. When I was attempting I was laying down staring at his sigil. I dozed off. The clocktower has stuck 3am and I woke up just before the bells went off. I fell asleep with his sigil in my hand. I believe vassago got me up for some reason. I’m not to sure why. And no matter what I can go back to sleep. But before I woke up I had the idea to put my cards on his sigil instead of in the box with the cards.

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Ok so day two was a little different. I can’t day I made full contact but I did get a clear idea, or a picture. I get through the beginning parts of the evocation. I repeated the enn and called him forth. After this I felt nothing and my mind was clear. I start to visualize a figure in robes with a mask. I wait a bit and the eyes change to red than cyan than green than blue. After that I open my eyes and look straight ahead. I call vassago forth again and chant his enn. After that I give myself time to sit in silence. After I while I think I start talking to myself. Along the lines of look at you foolish human. Stupid and pathetic. And basically along the lines of that. I just replied with normal stuff like yes I know that’s why I do what I do. I come to the conclusion that if this is a spirit than it’s not vassago. I open my eyes than I see lights out my window. Just street lights. I look at them than I start to slightly rock side to side. It stated to hypnotize me It felt like. Than a picture popped up in my head A ticking metronome. I have no idea what it is or why I saw it but while staring out my window that’s what I thought of. And while staring I got deeper and deeper into a state. After this I ended it peacefully and went along with my day.

Ok I did some research and a metronome is a ticking clock that is used for bpm. But for what I can use it for is getting myself into a trance. Like hypnosis. I’m gonna have to get one and try it out

Try making excessive offerings to him and saying prayers

I don’t know any kind of prayers.

Day three and I think I’m getting some Progress. My visuals felt a more physical. The only curious thing to note is one of the candles burned extremely hot throughout the evocation.