6th pentacle of Saturn

Hi everyone! So basically I have a curse I’m going to work soon and I was thinking about using incorporating the 6th Pentacle of Saturn and I have a question. In doing so, should I make it as more of something permanent? Like out of wood or something along those lines? Or just draw it on paper(and burn it) as I do with sigils? I was trying to find more info here using the search function but couldn’t find what I was looking for. OR if anyone knows of any links, posts here etc thatd be awesome as well! Thank you!!

search bar the 44 planet seal of king solomon or variation of it. Thread i posted has a bit of info on it by members. these are seals not sigils so the casting is different process.

Personally i bought a quality deck of cards on them. I use them as talisman and spell casting. do a search for tarotmania on etsy and you’ll find them.

Also there’s a book dedicated to it. The Magickal Talismans of King Solomon by baal kadmon


Omg!! Thank you so much!!