6 Weeks of Invocation | My Belial Invocation Experience

I wanted to share my invocation experiences and wish to share the next 5 I will be having in the weeks to come.

So I am doing a series of invocations, 1 per week for 6 weeks (the beginners pact with Lucifuge Rofocale from VK Jehannum’s website, even though I’m not a beginner, I just need to spiritually excel more) and today I decided to invoke Belial, here’s my experience.

I said Belial’s call ‘Itz ra cha Belial’ for about 10 minutes, I then said Belial’s enn repeatedly, asked him to enter my vessel and I offered him a candle and some incense sticks and I went into the deepest trance, it was like I was saying his enn without even thinking about it after a while, I felt intense euphoria as I seem to do whenever I do any invocation and my head was rolling in circles kind of like when you kill a character on Mortal Kombat and Shao Khan says “finish him/her” :rofl: and their head rolls around, but mine was rolling a lot slower.

I felt a pulling sensation like someone was guiding me to lay on the floor, I felt tingling in my crown chakra, I sensed a very very tall spirit standing behind me, but it was a calming energy, eventually, I gently fell backwards to the floor for a few minutes.

I didn’t really hear anything other than growling coming from outside myself and I saw in my minds eye, a dog running through a dark forest and that was it.

So… that was weird.

Afterwards, I felt very animalistic and rageful, I wanted to kill, destroy and rip through something or someone with my teeth.

I will be posting more invocation experiences, I really like Belial’s energy, there are too many demons to choose from which makes this weekly invocation project even more exciting.

I am still feeling a strong sense from myself that I am not fully letting go during rituals and resisting a full possession, I’m working on this.


Yep, that’s Belial for you


I kind of like that energy though haha