6 Weeks of Invocation | My Belial Invocation Experience

I wanted to share my invocation experiences and wish to share the next 5 I will be having in the weeks to come.

So I am doing a series of invocations, 1 per week for 6 weeks (the beginners pact with Lucifuge Rofocale from VK Jehannum’s website, even though I’m not a beginner, I just need to spiritually excel more) and today I decided to invoke Belial, here’s my experience.

I said Belial’s call ‘Itz ra cha Belial’ for about 10 minutes, I then said Belial’s enn repeatedly, asked him to enter my vessel and I offered him a candle and some incense sticks and I went into the deepest trance, it was like I was saying his enn without even thinking about it after a while, I felt intense euphoria as I seem to do whenever I do any invocation and my head was rolling in circles kind of like when you kill a character on Mortal Kombat and Shao Khan says “finish him/her” :rofl: and their head rolls around, but mine was rolling a lot slower.

I felt a pulling sensation like someone was guiding me to lay on the floor, I felt tingling in my crown chakra, I sensed a very very tall spirit standing behind me, but it was a calming energy, eventually, I gently fell backwards to the floor for a few minutes.

I didn’t really hear anything other than growling coming from outside myself and I saw in my minds eye, a dog running through a dark forest and that was it.

So… that was weird.

Afterwards, I felt very animalistic and rageful, I wanted to kill, destroy and rip through something or someone with my teeth.

I will be posting more invocation experiences, I really like Belial’s energy, there are too many demons to choose from which makes this weekly invocation project even more exciting.

I am still feeling a strong sense from myself that I am not fully letting go during rituals and resisting a full possession, I’m working on this.


Yep, that’s Belial for you


I kind of like that energy though haha

share more please

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what would you like to know?

you said you would share the next 5

I already did. I finished the 6 week pact last month.

Where can I find it? I would fancy knowing how the rest went :sob:. Seeking Belial as of late :sweat_smile:.

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The rest of what? If you mean the rest of this 6-week pact, as you can see on the right of the screen this was posted on the 14th of January, meaning this was all done months ago, for the other weeks of this pact, please check my profile for the other posts.

There’s plenty of info on Belial, I’d recommend Black Witch Coven/ Savannah, E. A. Koetting, V.K Jehannum and Current239Devilry.

Yeah, I saw the date when I started browsing this. I am still learning how to work my way around this site, thank you mate.