5th Pentacle of Venus Online

The 5th Pentacle of Venus supposedly makes people adore the user when they see it. Will it work online if used as a profile pic?

You should have tried it here, without mentioning it, and see how it worked. Now that you have asked I don’t think doing it here will have the effect you search for.

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well, kinda tough to cast the spell with a profile pic of the seal when it’s not an actual object. As pics on computer are virtual and not in one place. common sense no?

@Yazata solomon seal is meant to be on object. it’s not the same as demon sigils. solomon seal have different process. it’s not used to contact entities. too many people are mixing up different magick process.

A lot of people use seals directly on their phonescreen or tablet (or whatever) for contacting a spirit. (I don’t but I know people do)

The efffect of the Seal is ‘to have those who see it like the user’ (or something like that)
So it doesn’t matter if he wears a golden pentacle around his neck or has it as an avatar…As long as the target sees it.
But thank you for schooling me…

It matters. did you study up on the solomon seals? do you know what it is? cuz another person mistake about it too until he check up on what they are. it’s not the same seal as the ones we use as sigils.

Not as much as you obviously. What is the difference?
The purpose is to have the target SEE it.

They are seals for a purpose that is to be on objects cuz you empower the seal chanting a phrase. they are not for calling entity. The power comes from the seal so it needs to be an object. Like an amulet, ring, paper, etc… An actual object not virtual…

You empower the seal so that one seal has the energy with the object. Each seal isnt’ connected.

Didn’t say that. And please, stop going back to add to your replies every time.
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