5 inbound incubus vs succubus

When I feel like there are annoying or malicious energies around me I form my energy into a spike shield, kinda like a porcupine, it’s not outright aggressive but does say “don’t play or you’ll get hurt”


It also sounds like with the ritual you were doing they could have been sent by that person’s guardian spirit as a way to toy with you.

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Do I do that as a visualization or how ?

It wasn’t really a ritual just testing psychic abilities, but I think it’s more like the Incubus just found a subtle way to make first contact when I was relaxed in the theta state because the month before I did call out to lililrh to receive a sucubus companion

It’s kind of both, you actively shape your aura field by moving the energy directly, and the visualization helps it form and hold shape, I visualize it as a ball of light all around me like most aura visualizations and then imagine it puffing out like a pufferfish. And focus on projecting a “feel bad” sensation through the tips of the spikes

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I remember my first time I incidentally attracted the attention of rouge Succubi, funny times…in hindsight, not during. But I suppose you can get “uninvited guests” when you reach out without first setting up a perimeter of protection in one way or another. Where they truly unaligned you could disperse them however you deemed fit, but if you did ask Lillith for help first then why not take it up with her or one of the other Queens, after talking to your troop of groupies first?

And not that I could say with any definty, without knowing more details, but if you asked Lilith for help and if she judged your “psychic seduction” to be something less desirable, she could be dicking around with you by sending more then you bargained for…with dicks.


I wasn’t really doing the psychic seduction maliciously or consistently it was very half assed, but even before I was doing it I was getting sleep paralysis and the incubus said it was him so it looks like they were trying to contact me before I would’ve even have been judged by Lilith, I think I just opened a portal for uninvited guess by saying Lilith without having clear intentions and a proper ritual

Then it sounds like a banishing meditation would help, white light is a good all purpose energy but it’s just that, all purpose. It can be reversed or side stepped easy. I’ve found that meditating on midnight blue light helps with persistent spirits, but you may have to find a color of light that’s protective to you.

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Or you could try sage

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Five succubi is a lot to deal with. I was lucky that I only wanted the one. I don’t think I will need/want another incubus, and it’ll be up to my incubus as well.

Sometimes these spirits do play with our preferences and I don’t know why. My incubus knew what I was into and he started to present as what I wasn’t into a few times. (though he never appeared as a woman, that would’ve been curious). Maybe they do this to test our love. Luckily I am already emotionally bonded to my incubus and wouldn’t want him gone and am still attracted to him either way, it runs deep.

There’s so much for us to learn when it comes to spirits and spirit relationships. It makes more sense after you get to know them. While your situation is still strange, maybe your succubi ladies are testing you, in some way or another.

I do think evoking and talking to Lilith, asking her what is going on exactly is a good way to go. And see what Lilith says to you about it.

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Ok I will try to evoke her later, it’s weird I just penetrated one of them while two penetrated so I think they may be succubus with Penises

Ben Woodcroft Angelic Protection Magick

Damon Brand Magickal Protection, Magickal Servitors.

Just so were all clear i am in no way advocating violence unless its necessary these books might offer you the protection you need. There not being malicious towards you just stubborn. In Ben Woodcroft’s book thers a ritural to remove entities and attachments. And @Encore19 is right you should involve their goddess into this.

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To anyone that cares it was a test it looked like, they are all sucubi and we’re pranking me or something
We had sex for like 8 hrs it was insane


All’s well that ends well. But yes Succubi can be mischievous and want to play games, but that is one of the reasons we love them so.

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I’m sorry but for some reason everything about this post makes me want to laugh hahaha

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Ik it was kind of a retarded thread lol

Glad it all worked out in the end. There’s an interesting discussion on spirits reflecting our own subconscious ideas and thoughts somewhere in all this, but I won’t be that mean

LOL that sounds like lots of fun, very crowded

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Doesn’t it. I wouldn’t mind 5 gay incubus

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No trust me the succubus form is way better, insane sex and u feel like ur gonna finish but then it lasts for hours while incubus form they just stick it in certain places n ram it against u