5 free Lenormand readings

First five to sign up get it. Keep the questions to materialistic stuff.
If you are interested, Lenormand also has its own unique spread called the Grand Tableau. Basically, every card in the deck is laid out and the cards around the.man or woman card will tell you your past and future, influences, things under your control, and you can even use it to look into almost every mundane part of your life.
So anyway, sign up

Spot 1 taken

Please, I want a reading miss

Yes please! I’ll PM you if that’s okay.

Sure I’m interested !! Let me know the details.


So interested!

Alright, if you haven’t already pm’d me your questions, do so now.

Thanks Euoi! You just unveiled and showed to me what I’ve be en sensing from sometime . I’ll keep you updated with this subject so to confirm its evolution. Thsnks again!

Euoi’s reading was very thorough for my simple question. The situation was looked at from a couple of different angles, incorporating the causational roots that could bring a favourable situation about, as well as obstacles in the present and future to be wary of. This lent itself to a very strategic view of everything concerned. Very intriguing system, very competent reader - thanks again Euoi!

Thanks Euoi! That was an interesting reading: I asked about a decision I’m going to have to make in the next few months (probably), and the results picked up heavily on the main concern I’d had about one of the possible choices, along with some warnings about areas like our financial life that also played into why I was at a “crossroads” on this matter.

Stoked my interest in getting a Lenormand deck, as well!

Nice one. :slight_smile: