5 Free Health/Love/Ascension Readings - CLOSED

So, now that I’m out of the penalty box, I will re-offer my offering of 5 free tarot readings of a spread I’ve been developing. It’s based on something E.A. said in a stream a while ago about the only three things we really need being Health, Love, and Ascension.

Pardon the chicken scratch. The reading is shaped as a Petrine Cross because that’s cool.

I have two decks to choose from:

I don’t need a name or location or a question. Just reply to this message specifying which deck you would like and I will PM your reading to you sometime tonight. First five get definitely get a reading. Additional respondents may get a reading, depending on how tired I am tonight when I get home from work and whatever other shenanigans I may get myself into. The only thing I ask in return is that you let me know what you think of the reading in terms of usefulness and specificity.

Vielen Dank, meine Freunde, for being my guinea pigs; and, as always, gloria in carne.

  • Rev. Dr. Eddie Romanov, D.F.S.

EDIT - I got my first five. I hearted your replies. Once I get through those, I’ll heart your reply if I feel up to doing a reading for you.


I would like one, from Eyes Wide open… Eee shut please :smile:

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Can I have one as well? Eyes wide Shut please

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May I have one too ? Eyes Wide Shut please :slight_smile:

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Me please. Either deck is fine.

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Hi :slight_smile:

I would like one please, with the Spooky Boobs deck.
Thank you

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Hey , i would like one with spooky boobs

Can I get one

if you are still doing some id like one, eyes wide shut please

Damn… a bit late I suppose :neutral_face:

If you are still doing I’d like one with spooky boobs too. Thanks

Ok folks. I’m going to start slinging cards in about an hour. I just need to eat and then get out to my secret power spot in [REDACTED].

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Thank you for the reading :slight_smile: I just replied to your pm with feedback and what I could make sense of it :slight_smile:

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And thank you.

This was as much an experiment in cold reading for me as testing out the spread. Reading someone’s cards like this without knowing anything about their situation and not being able to dialog about it is challenging.

Thanks again to all the participants. I will try to get out a few more readings today to the overflow participants.

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