4th Pentacle of Venus how to use

I would like to ask if someone know how to preform a ritual with Pentacle of Venus. More specifically 4th, for attraction. I want to bring my ex back, and I found out that the Pentacle can help wiith that, however I couldn’t find how to do it.

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I remember drawing it a while back, don’t remember much else. was a hard process drawing it all by hand just saying lol. If I remember correctly you charge it with energy ofc, I think I used candles, visualizing and sunlight.

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Pick up a copy of Baal Kadamon’s book The Magick Talismans of King Solomon. He has a ritual for charging the pentacles.


I have a pentacle itself, also I speak Hebrew so it makes it easier to write all the letters)


thank you)

In addition @DarkestKnight suggestion, I’ve not read that particular book, but I’ve used them very similar to seals/sigils, opening them with the intention and gave my intent much like I would a specific spirit. I factored planetary hours into my working as well, as using a candle to essentially channel my energy and the energy from the seal towards my goal.

I’ve also read about others charging the seals then carrying them with them. I just printed them, there’s a lot of tiny details in some that would take me forever to replicate


I haven’t worked with the pentacle’s for long but that is something i have learned myself there is a large difference between making it during the planetary hours and Not. After making a couple under the correct planetary hours i could feel the difference in energy and even got me into using planetary hours when working with Goetic spirits or just crafting spells.

Also to give them energy i usually will light a Indian Smoke with no chemicals just pure Tobacco and use it like Sage around the Sigil then light a stick of incense and do the same thing then light a candle and let it rest ontop of the sigil until it burns out. Just something i got into the Habit of doing i don’t know what energy it adds but feel like just the process and intent help charge it no matter what the process is just as long as a person puts some thought and Intent into it i feel like it will help charge the Talisman/Pentacle or other Objects you’re trying to charge.


The Solomonic pentacles are great! I bought a first pentacle of Jupiter for wealth and material gain from an online store. Now realistically I have no way to know that it was fashioned in the correct days and hours ( if you want to be sure about that I recommend Christopher Warnock site “renaissance astrology” or something like that. He makes his exactly as they should be made but it ain’t cheap). So to deal with that I consecrated mine in the appropriate day and hour, charged it, annointed it with the appropriate oil and passed it through incense smoke.

I’ve had GREAT FORTUNE with mine.

I’ve made them in paper before ( 5th pentacle of mars) that was a real bitch, try freehand drawing a lifelike scorpion if you’re not a good sketch artist. The Hebrew lettering was difficult but manageable. I do recommend baal kadmons book on talismans Also as @DarkestKnight mentioned.

Good luck.