4th Pentacle of Venus how to use

I would like to ask if someone know how to preform a ritual with Pentacle of Venus. More specifically 4th, for attraction. I want to bring my ex back, and I found out that the Pentacle can help wiith that, however I couldn’t find how to do it.

I remember drawing it a while back, don’t remember much else. was a hard process drawing it all by hand just saying lol. If I remember correctly you charge it with energy ofc, I think I used candles, visualizing and sunlight.

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Pick up a copy of Baal Kadamon’s book The Magick Talismans of King Solomon. He has a ritual for charging the pentacles.


I have a pentacle itself, also I speak Hebrew so it makes it easier to write all the letters)

thank you)

In addition @DarkestKnight suggestion, I’ve not read that particular book, but I’ve used them very similar to seals/sigils, opening them with the intention and gave my intent much like I would a specific spirit. I factored planetary hours into my working as well, as using a candle to essentially channel my energy and the energy from the seal towards my goal.

I’ve also read about others charging the seals then carrying them with them. I just printed them, there’s a lot of tiny details in some that would take me forever to replicate