4 mens of apocaplises ritual?

Hello,are any of ya guys tdy yet to invoke/ conjure the 4 mens of the apocalypse? I see a book only so far,but between researchs,i come across tis latin/ hispanik rigual were onlh ya use 5 colors sticks/? Not idea how say it.anyway its to teach a lesson.the 4 plages to enemies.its so easy.but i knw its smtng the post dnt say.so if ya try,bfre,share experiences.tanks.

Isn’t that a bit like burning your house down to fix a squeaky door hinge?

Apocalypse… there are plenty of demons, forces, and methods to fuck someone up, without going global.

I think this rite may be more about bringing Apocalypse to one’s personal Universe Lady Eva. What one can gain from that… hmmm, I need to ponder on that, but seems promising.

Hi,eva,i tnk i get the idea,!!! Diazin.can ya be more especific plz? I can not get the idea.tanks

Apocalypse, in my conception, is a rite de passage. What it brings, what it leads to, I dont know, but the transformation is supposed to be drastic. I dont know much about it, I myself have to do my own research, but yeah, there’s something big there.

Yes its also some plz get the link between the red book of apin? Sorry.so its more to the story,the rifual consist of drawings,and give gourself to darknezz,and the hispanic ritual circle on diferents colors,also rwd book of apin? Plz say fake .i will re-read,and tnk.tanks

You could rallying four spirits that represent these forces against your enemy.
You shouldn’t have trouble finding spirits of pestilence, death, war, and famine respectively.

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Do a circle on red black green white u in middle and invoqe them to curse the person.