3GP: One magicians perspective


To get the ball rolling I’d like to start off with saying I like how solid of a system this is. It allows one to use divination to see how his/her magickal actions will play out or if one has no idea what to focus ones powers on to give clarity in that aspect. This offers a foolproof method of making sure that your actions give you the desired results. Evocation being the next step is equally beneficial as it allows the magician to bend reality itself. Opening up the doors to greater possiblilties to exact change upon the universe in a more dramatic scale than other forms of magick. Last but certainly not least we come to the concept of soul travel. It allows the magician to travel through all the planes limitlessly to see this change taking effect as it happens and also offers greater access to learning experiences through the different entities, intelligences, and other people like the magician thay one meets in these travels. All in all it’s the most comprehensive and foolproof magickal system I’ve seen to date. Thoughts and opinions welcome.


I love EA’s work. Beautiful job done on this website, and all the material offered. I like how he gives you basic step-by-step progress toward spiritual development with 3 GLP. I would like to add another GLP just as a thought to roll around here. Universe creation with a language symbol system. EA touched on this a bit in Ipsissimus, with the mage who read existence into being, who had “learned this game a long time ago.” My question is this: how do we move away from a semantic system like Qabala, or the Vedas, etc. and create our own language, our own Universe, measured by symbols we create, and stories we write into being? Is there a preferred structure, like the Tree of Life, or is anyone creating new software for new Universes? Are the gods are at the whim of the design of the stage play? Or are we just evolving a semantic system into new territory, and new paths? Is there any subjective reality without objective input?


Hello invadenus,
if you’re interested in developing a mgickal language I’d check out “Barbarian” created by some Chaos Magickians (P.Carroll I think). As I understand it, there has to be an inner logic and coherence, consistent use and some form of “charging” involved in creating it. I can’t give you any more detailed information though.


Thank you, Red Ice! I’ll look into it.


I believe what RedIce is referring to is what is known as Ouranian Barbaric. I never looked much into it in my chaos magick days but I know where you can find some info on it.

http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/ob.php That place has just about everything on Chaos Magick you can possibly think of and a few things you wouldn’t think of. It’s been around for a good long while and it was one of my primary learning sources when I journeyed through that particular magickal avenue.


Spot on! That’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link Kitari - great resource!


Regarding your idea of a modern Universal Language: I’d like to see you 'n ZachD put your heads together on this one - He’s really stoked about infusing Music with Magick on purpose. Very intriguing possibility, wouldn’t you say? Z