318 number meaning?

For some reason i got the strong urge to write down the number 318, what does the number mean?


Its the gnostics value for the word “Christ”

3+1+8 = 12 which is 1+2= 3 (or the trinity lol)

These two things alone kinda tell me that maybe an angel or something relating to christ is trying to reach you.

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Not always. Remember what is above, is also below.


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Watch for the triangles you are seeing.

I would also advise you to look at the numbers individually as well.

Number 8:

Also, this!

318 feels satanic :snake:

Maybe 3 and 18 —> 1+8=9

The Power of 3 x 3

3: Satan Lucifer Moloch: Crown of Thaumiel
9 Gatekeepers


Please remember there is more than one path of the gatekeepers.

While I respect EA’s work, there is also the The Egyptian Path. Depending on what sources you go with, there are either 9 or 12 Gates to the Egyptian Pathworking.

So, I think there are multiple ways to take this. Because if you really think about it, all roads lead to Satanism - because it’s going “away” from a monotheistic God.



Seems important, maybe has something to do with Seth and/or Apep? Any grimoire of interest?

The Book of Gates by E. A. Wallis Budge (1905)

Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge was an English Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist who worked for the British Museum and published numerous works on the ancient Near East.

Start here. Also, seek Anubis.

I have never worked with Set(h) or Apep. I have only worked with Ahriman. I’ve been told to keep my mouth shut on a lot of my workings, as I no longer want to be used without my knowledge.

I also don’t buy into the entire “game” aspects of Black Magic any longer and just do my own thing.

The biggest lesson in life a person can learn is to not follow the crowd.

Peace out!


That is so totally true!!

Awesome!!! Nice compass to follow :slight_smile:

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Just my two cents. Depends on what you’re working with at this stage or what you’re curious about. 318 (=3) can mean a trinity, any trinity, Christian, ancient Egyptian…etc. It can mean the 3rd Shem angel or the 3rd Goetia demon. You give 318 to a Muslim, they will pull out the name of their God that corresponds to 318. You can look at it through the perspective of sacred geometry. You can check the collective vibrations of 3, 1 and 8.
If you ask me at this stage, I would tell you it’s Hecate!. I’m working with her and one of the ways she talks to me is through the number 3. She’s associated with the number 3.
There are many ways to interpret numbers. You can also check what 3 or 318 mean for you. Did they appear to you at a certain event or associated with a certain person, building, street, work place, a date…etc.


True! However, it could also be a representative of Diana as well. In my study of the number three, everything points back to Egypt.

Diana and Hekate are both crone Goddesses.

But this is where most of my pathworking is. It’s all I am going to say.

One could take this one step further, the 318 could also be divided, if you wanted to take it one step further. 31/8 is 3.875 which is 3 + 8 + 7 + 5, which comes to be 2 + 3 and the final number is 5.

Which represents the star or pentagram and the afterlife in Egypt. Though the number five is less commonly used.

In this case, I strongly believe the Universe is trying to tell the OP to look inward.

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:tada::partying_face: I totally agree with you!

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https://angelnumber.org/318-angel-number-meaning-and-symbolism/ . I got this on a search engine

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Good link; however, all of this still requires a person to look inward. The Universe/Source/whatever you want to call it, will always, always have a person look inward.

From the link: As a blend of all these energies, the number 318 signifies self – expression, expansion, business, manifesting wealth and abundance, leadership, confidence, progress, moving forward, inner guidance, inner wisdom, giving and receiving, accomplishments, success, ambition, spontaneity, optimism and enthusiasm.

One doesn’t automatically get a Poof! without doing inner work. Most Numberology will have one look at the inner self and then changes should be made accordingly.

Numberology also doesn’t always mean anything, sometimes a number is just a number. :slightly_smiling_face:

But my gut feeling is the same, the OP has to look inward and do self reflection!

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Could be Diana yes!
Interesting analysis of 318.
I meant to reply to the OP with my “2 cents” but replied to you instead. Sorry if it seemed that I’m challenging your suggestions.



First lesson in being a Queen, never ever apologize for your opinions, insights, or for being you! :slightly_smiling_face:

You should only apologize if you have honestly hurt someone. In this case, you haven’t hurt anyone!

None of us are on the same path, if we were - that would be so boring!

You’re fine! You’ll find Hekate will help you with this!

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Hey guys talking about Hecate, you might be right cause 81 is the number of Hecate. So 318 is possibly 813 that makes it:

81=Hecate and 3= Hecate’s three faces

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Didn’t know 81 is her number. I suggested Hecate for 3. 3 faces, triple goddess, triple moon. I’ll be now looking out for 81. Nice one! :wink:

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Ya just had to take me down a rabbit hole, didn’t you?


Thanks, will look I into this later in the week. Makes sense though. 3 to the power of 3 is 9.

And 81 - won’t say anything more!

Peace out!

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wow thank you all for your replies! i think it may just be the universe telling me to look inward to be honest