30 days Draconian Experiment to open the astral senses

I gave up on my chakras, first I need to develop my astral senses and develop my chakras together. If I do not do this, physical harm may occur. I have no intention of becoming a dragon, but the exercises to develop the astral senses in the book are really powerful, maybe by working with an entity I can make these meditations more effective, but the meditations themselves are very powerful, I don’t need a soul right now I will try to cancel the petition I sent to lucifer and metatron.

I will start tonight and continue for 30 days without interruption, I will post under this topic every day.


I moved this to the journal category as that seemed more appropriate.

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May i know what book are you using?

Draconian ritual book

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I had to take a break from work for a long time in my normal life, now I’m starting.

1 day clairvoyance study

I lit a red candle and sat across from it, focused on the flame of the candle and imagined it growing with my breath, I feel like I can close my eyes with the eye patch and see the world with the dragon’s vision This caused some pain in my Ajna but this is normal.

I’ve made some progress but it’s not the level I want, I need a break to deal with other branches and better my reality.

The break is over if I want to have what I want I have to start

I will deal with them in 90 days

3rd eye meditation

astral sense meditations

connotative practices

Deep trance applications

book name draconian ritual book