3 readings in honor of King Paimon 👑 [CLOSED]

Hello everyone!

I’m doing 3 free readings in honor of King Paimon.

The readings will be delivered within this week. I say a week because I have a busy schedule and I want to give myself time as well.

1 question per person.
Drop your question, and if you pm it you must mention it here so the others also know you’re taking a spot.

I will not be responsible for decisions taken based on the reading. You are the master of your reality.

Hail King Paimon! :fire:


I’ll give it a go. King Paimon has my greatest respect.

My question is: What are my greatest obstacles holding me back, and what must I do to overcome them?


I would like a reading, do I have to ask a question? Or can I get a few words from the king himself?

I would love a reading

3 done.

@Muggie @Amalek please drop your question.

I won’t be directly channelling from him, but if he wishes to add something he will.

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Your cards: Ace of Cups, 10 of Swords

Either too many emotions, or you’re stressed. Your concentration or your energy seems to be lacking direction, it’s too spread out in different avenues. Consciously or unconsciously, there are too many things going on in your head right now.

Recognize what they are, and pick something to pay attention to. I’m also feeling that you need to split your time moderating the forum. i.e make schedules to check in or something, there is something related to your role here.

Maybe you have a personal project which you’re unable to give too much time to because of your work in real life and your work here. It seems like you are, quite literally, all over the place. It doesn’t look much like a blockage, it feels more like lack of direction.

Chaos in order, order in chaos. You need to have order in chaos.

If not now, this will be relevant later.

How to overcome this: Hermit in reverse

Slow down, take some time for yourself and sit with your thoughts. Ask your inner world what’s going on. Navigate the disorder and pave a path with clarity.

Think of having a map to a place, but there are no names to that place. You have to name that place, every corner and every street. This is what I’m being shown.

This is all I’m getting.


What is holding me back in regarding my life/ occult working ig im kinda stuck …

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Thank you!

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Does king paimon know what Goetia Spirit I am related to or wishes to work with me? I have ‘heard’ I am Sango’s son (the god of thunder) but, could King paimon chip in on that, if possible?

Will you be doing this again some other time? Id love to ask him some things. Grats to all who got in!

Hail King Paimon.

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I will do it again, yes


Onion, how dare you make a free tarot readings and not wait for me :smiley: jk jk Thanks for offering

be blessed



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Your card: Death

The only things stopping you are your own beliefs. Understand the difference between a period of rest and a blockage. It seems like you haven’t yet fully gotten the grip of how your magick/life cycles. The ups and downs, it feels like you interchange or confuse one event with another. At the end of a cycle you should take time to rest and take time to absorb the lessons learned and then prepare yourself for the next one.

Right now is a time of reflection for you. What have you learnt this season? What will you learn? Take time to evaluate that and look within to know what’s ahead.


please decide on 1 question

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Thanks for the reading onion👌
Hail king paimon :crown::dromedary_camel:

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Hail King Paimon! :crown::fire:

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Okay, King Paimon Has my maximum regards :crown::crown::crown:. My question is, does he know what spirit I am allied with (Goetia or not) or could be reaching out to work with me?

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“I may know, I may not know. It is not my responsibility to do the work that he is supposed to do. A capable practicioner will know the steps that need to be taken.”

Basically, even if he does know, you need to put the effort into figuring it out.


3 only