3 free readings

It’s not really a reading, it’s just you getting some support from Satan. Or you could call it universal spiritual energy. Isis energy. Source energy. Kundalini energy. Whatever. It’s all the same thing to me. I’m spiritually nondual.

It happens automatically. First 3 people.


I’ll take it even if I’m not entirely certain what I’m taking

I’ll take one!

I’ll take one

Sure read me please

Me too

I vote to raise the amount to 5 :smiley:

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Please read me too…i need that so badly…

It’s just an energy transmission, no written output

If you didn’t get it, it’s probably because it was free. It’s meant to be an exchange of spiritual energy for material energy (money), so if it’s free there’s no momentum for an exchange to happen. That’s my theory. I don’t consciously do anything, I’m just a gatekeeper for the energy.

I wasn’t trying to bait anybody. I really didn’t want to do this for free anyway, but was advised to do so by someone here.

If you did get it, that’s fine, though.

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@Satanswife will you be offering this again anytime soon?