3 free readings

Hi all! I’ve been here 90+ days and to celebrate lol would like to offer 3 free readings to the first 3 who comment. I’ll use the raider wait (idk how to spell it) lol as well as the Baraja Española so it could get interesting :slight_smile:

Drop a comment below n I’ll pm you the reading!


I would like a reading :slight_smile:

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I would like one if that’s possible

Thank you

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Me reading please :blush:

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me please

me if theres still a spot

Me pleaase!

Dangit we missed out

I would like one please, if you have another spot

Need one too plz … Something weird happened and i need to know what’s wrong with me after it

Hi guys im going to close it up today but I plan on doing it frequently so I’ll get to you in the next day or so. I just have a lot I need to do right now and only had time for three. Sorry if I missed you and we will hopefully do the reading soon!

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If you have a waiting list. Let me know the information you need from me to do a general reading. Life overview. I’m not sure which spreads or layouts you prefer but I’m very open to whatever choices you make. I’ll also return the favor for you if youd like for me to do so. Very accurate with tarot and runes both, currently I do not have a rune set to work with. I’ve got a very nice tarot set, same type as yours but re-illustrated imagery to better enhance the original images of the Rider/Waite Deck.

All the best.

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I guess I’ll just wait for the next to open up. For now my most pressing issue in this particular moment is my allergies.

add me in waiting list please. :slight_smile:

me too please😄

Me too please :slight_smile: I’m interested to have a reading
take a chair and wait