3 Free Readings With My New Toy "The Battle Plan Spread"

So here we go again!
I’m offering 3 free readings to try out my new spread I came up with.

I only ask 2 things.

1.Read the thread i made about the spread first so you’ll have a grasp of the cards meanings in their positions.

2.As always I just ask you leave honest feedback on this thtead after receiving you’re reading.

So check out the other thread and see if this spread sounds good for a question you have and just apply for the reading here.

First come,first serve (or a fight to the death over the spot solely for my entertainment)

Let it begin!!

I am interested to see how this will work out. What direction is my Magickal training going in the next six months?
Thanks Musta_Krackish.

First did you read the thread I made explaining the spread?
PM me your question that way I can just reply to it.
Call me lazy but well…I don’t care lol

I don’t know why, but i see this battle deck can be helpful in some workings for me… :smiley:

Ok I’m in. I’ve read the info on this spread, I’l pm you.

OK JJ and Yequen are in.One more spot left.(I’ve worked out something with dellamage because we talk a lot so he agreed to leave a slot open)


OK Dani,JJ,and Yequen are in!
Send me your questions if you haven’t already and I’ll do them as soon as I can!

Nice… MK. You touched on a lot of good points concerning the future directions i will be pursuing and through those points also provided a thought provoking list of potential path changes and/or corrections. Thanks.

what deck are you using? and how does the spread work? i just bought the fallen angels cards and have yet to use them seriously. might be time for me to get back into reading.

Cool Reading Musta, as I said this is a cool spread to use regarding enemies.
You gave good pointers to take note, regarding how to exploit situations.
A well done reading indeed!!

Thanks Yequen!

@the fool

I made a thread about how the spread works and the explained the card positions.

The thread is entitled" The Battle Plan Spread ( a little gem I came up with)

And I’m using the Thoth deck.
I haven’t used it with other decks but you just gave me an idea being I too own The Fallen Angels Oracle Deck.

I also have the RW deck and The Daemon Tarot.

I’ll have to experiment with those as well!

Would you like a reading fool?

I have 2 more readings to do so I’ll get you after them.
Let me know!
All I ask is that you read the thread explaining my spread and give honest feedback on this thread.

Edit:The tread is called "The Battle Plan Spread ( a little gem I came up with while exploring new spreads)

This spread is very useful and accurate.
It makes dealing with any problem more
Strategic and clear.

I always get amazed on how accurate the cards are.
Like, sometimes it just feels like you guys pull the cards
Out of the deck and make a well thought out guess, that
Always seems to be right.

Anyways 5/5 stars to Musta. Thanks!

Thank you Dani!
Glad I could help!,

you mean this thread? sure, i’m down for a reading.

as a matter of fact, let me know when you’ll do your spread so i can do a spread of my own for the same issue and we can compare notes. i also have a spread i invented

Yeah that’s the one!
PM me your question and I’ll notify you when I’m going to do the reading.

I have some other readings to do but I’ll do hour’s first since I said I would get to you after the others on this thread.

ok, here i am, and following up on the reading, here are my impressions:

i did my own preliminary reading on sunday night using my fallen angel cards. i did a one-card reading to sum up the situation and my card was decarabia.

instead of waiting for your reading, i went into following up on my own reading by doing this ritual based on what i read for myself. this research was uncovering some parts of myself that i usually hide away and left me feeling completely wiped out tired and even a little bit depressed. it’s not an easy thing to stare into your own shadow side for a long period of time, but sometimes you have to do that to make progress.

on the 13th you chimed in with your reading which added considerably to what i have been doing all week. you shed a LOT of light on the issue at hand, and what you said was in perfect sync with the impressions i have been getting all week. it was very detailed and the descriptions were very accurate.

i wanted to really think about what the spread said rather than posting up immediately. this morning i got my final answer from a stichomancy reading in evoking eternity, the section on preparatory immersion. finally the issue made perfect sense.

keep in mind that the issue was serious enough that for the last month i had seriously considered leaving balg for good. i’m still not sure what the future holds, but i now know exactly what to do to continue here.

see, hindsight is always 20/20 and in looking back i get the impression that i could have gotten the same answers from my own divination, but i have to counter that impression. one thing i was told about magick by a voduisant is that when magick works in your life it always seems inevitable. the effortlessness is due to the skill of the magician, not to serendipity. you are a great reader. i’m pretty damn good myself and now i realize that, but even with that i had a HUGE blind spot in my belief and value system as well as self-regard that would have prevented me from being as objective in reading for self as you have been in reading for me. a 2nd opinion from someone who knows their stuff is priceless, not only for illumination but also to verify things that sometimes we don’t want to admit to ourselves but need to face up to.

your 3rd and 5th card positions hit directly on important information i was unaware of but have been waiting for. you know that feeling of you know something is missing but don’t know exactly what it is? THAT. and you nailed it. finally i understand! thank you for that!!

finally, this morning i read a chapter in evoking eternity, which tied everything together and fleshed out what you read in your 4th and 7th cards. you were right on point. between your card readings and erik’s writing on the preparatory immersion, you two explained p.i. in perfect detail.

the combination of your reading and the meditations i have been doing are giving me solid answers related to the issue. now i understand a bit more about how to go about fixing that problem.

i have never done a double-reading before, and even this time i went light on my own read, but i bought another pack of playing cards in order to begin reading more seriously. i don’t use tarot cards, i have a belief that magickal tools should be cheap and readily available - in my life, shit happens especially regarding magick so it’s not a good idea to have expensive and irreplaceable magickal items, i need my magickal tools to be cheap, useable ANYWHERE, and always get the job done. i’m going to break in my cards, pendulum, and flipping coins and begin reading again due to the read you did for me. i guess i forgot how important good divination is but you reminded me it’s not a skill to let go to waste.

thank you for your reading musta_krackish. you were 100% on it and you cut through some issues that had been bothering me since before i joined balg just over a year ago. keep in mind i was ready to leave the board but now i understand a lot more about the issue than i did. from here it’s all down to implementation.

Wow fool!
Thank you for all the kind words and feedback!
As I stated in my reading for you I have the same problems with this form of majick.

I’m glad the reading helped and it actually helpes e as well to see what I’VE been overlooking.

Keep me updates on your progress that way maybe we can help each other out with this.

I’m currently in a pact with Belial and the servitor he helped me create is supposed to help with this issue.

Good luck!