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Happy sunday, everyone. I am offering three readings.First come, first serve. One question, no PMs :slight_smile:


Hello , last week I lost my job because my uncle’s shop burnt down and i had worked there, my question is about the end of this shop! Can we get a money for this damage? Can we activate this store again

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@Thierry007 Alright :slight_smile:

Two spots left.

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I mentioned the question about my workplace

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Hi. I want to change my question. I want to know if Marchosias is in my life right now and if she is helping me. And if it has a message i want to know it

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@wildweaselmw Of course :slight_smile:

One spot left

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ill take a general please.

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@Alakir Alright :slight_smile:
All spots are taken, I will tend to your readings in a bit :slight_smile:

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Lets see how the chances for your uncles shop currently look like :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look too shabby. If your uncle (who is represented by the “Man” card) manages to stay calm and collected despite his loss (=not rushing any decisions, cooperating with officials or insurance agencies even if they take their sweet time, etc) he will attract the lucky circumstances needed for re-opening his business. (Key, Lily and Clover)
He will receive an important message regarding this (Man and Letter), so I suppose that some kind of insurance or compensation will play into this.

It seems as if the whole matter will be decided by some kind of court or arbitration tribunal in the end and that a woman will have an important role in the positive outcome. The Coffin card is a clear sign for a new beginning, I even drew a time card (which doesn’t happen too often) that says that your uncle needs to be really patient for about three months. It could be that it will look like as if nothing much happens during this time and thats why its important that your uncle doesn’t panic or lose his temper with anybody who is involved in the process.

I drew two Runes for this situation: Mannaz and Jera (in Merkstave). The Mannaz rune tells me that your uncle will receive help with his situation from other people, but the Jera rune in Merkstave suggests that neither he nor you should sit around and wait for everything to get better. Since there will be a longer waiting time involved you two should look for other opportunities to support your incomes until the situation is resolved.

I wish your uncle the best outcome :slight_smile:


It is your first reading for me and as I saw in other people’s reading, you are amazingly skilled. Yes, our shop has a legal case also that I think is correlated with this situation
Thanks for your time and effort :pray:

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Funnily enough Marchosias came up in the spread (Nine of Cups), so lets see what we have here :slight_smile: (this is not a chanelling but I take Marchosias appearance as a sign that this spirit is delivering a part of its message to you through this reading. This spirit is with you, I don’t believe that it was an accident that this card fell out or that I have chosen this deck in the first place)

The Nine of Cups (Marchosias) fell out together with the reversed King of Pentacles card.
There seems to be a tendency inside of you to define success and progress by materialistic standards or outside appearances (think about Influencers on Social Media who are selling us happiness and success, while they are flaunting their lifestyle as the epitome of fulfillment).

There is another kind of success and fulfillment waiting for you but it won’t look as flashy as in todays bullshit advertisement. You are set up for finding your very own purpose and true value in your life (Nine of Cups and the World, what a combo) if you can leave the influence of what todays society defines as “happiness”.

The Three of Wands in reverse is asking you to prepare yourself for your longterm future goals and to contemplate about how the next five or so years could play out for you. Maybe you need to take your education a bit more seriously (Three of Wands in reverse, Anchor and Book); you will be surprised how smoothly things will go for you in the long run if you do (Book, Bouquet, Crossroad is usually a really positive combination for studies and opportunities growing from them).

The Eight of Swords, the Ten of Cups in reverse and the Crossroad/House combination tells me that there seems to be a certain amount of tension between your family and you because of a decision you are currently faced with; I can sense a “feeling trapped” kind of thing, here. Be assured that you are still loved and respected (even if it doesn’t feel like it for now) and that you don’t have to feel scared to make your own decisions :slight_smile:

I pulled an Oracle card for you, Buer - Help/Healing. This card is encouraging you to seek out allies that are supportive of your decision (relatives, friends, institutions or mentors), it will soften the current tension.

The World card in this spread is pointing towards a positive long term completion of your endeavours in the end. At the end of this cycle you will not only reaping the rewards of your efforts, you will also be able to “give back” to other people who are in need of help or guidance in a similar situation. The card is strongly connected to your education, which seems to be the key to your Nine of Cups-Moment.

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Thank you for reading. It’s been very successful.

I think she’s telling me that I need to quit an addiction that I can’t stop here. It’s something I’ve been striving for for a long time.

This is absolutely true. It’s a problem I’ve had lately. I find it difficult to do the work I want to do (like meditation) because of my family. This causes tension in my family.

Definitely. I have been looking for a mentor for a short time. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot educate myself.

It was a really good and motivating read. Thanks again.

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@Alakir Here is your general reading :slight_smile:

It seems as if something happened in your life that is influencing you to this very day. The Tower card in the middle of this is telling me about a trauma that is interfering with something personally important to you. You emerged from a terrible/scary situation in your life by your own strength. Since the Star card came out together with the Queen of Pentacles in reverse it seems as if you are not really aware about the amount of power and courage you have mustered up to get through this situation.

The Emperor in reverse suggests that someone in your life has abused their own power over you or your situation (a family member, perhaps?) in a very destructive way, leading to the Tower moment in this spread. I have the impression that this experience did you no good when it comes to your emotional perception or emotional response to a situation (Queen of Pentacles in reverse also suggests a certain degree of insecurity when dealing with intimate relationships as a result, as well).

Now, we have the Queen of Swords AND the King of Swords in your reading. They are suggesting to focus on your intellectual and objective perception when you’re faced with something that could trigger emotional responses. It will help you to navigate through situations that would leave you upset or concerned.

Since both cards came out upright you don’t need to be afraid that this could turn you into some kind of emotionless and unauthentic person. The King and the Queen are both connected to their natural compassion, despite making sober and objective decisions :slight_smile:

And now comes something absolutely less gloomy and more rewarding :slight_smile:
It seems as if you have come a long way in your spiritual practice (Fish and Cross are usually an indicator for “religious” groups but I feel free to include other spiritual practices into this combination, since we are not in 1843 anymore); the Cross and the Star are telling me about some kind of “fated triumph” in your life that is simply meant to be. You also have the Star TWO times in your reading in different systems, so you might want to look up if you have any star/astrology-related connections in your practice that you could include more into your daily life :slight_smile:

The Ship at the end of this row is a classical “journey/travel” indicator but I can’t quite make up my mind if you are ACTUALLY going somewhere physically (like, far away) or if this is a metaphor for some internal changes.

The Thanatos card suggests that placing yourself into serving/supporting others or serving a cause is oftentimes more rewarding than chasing after external glory. Since Thanatos is a deity of “endings”, it could symbolize to put your Traumas “to rest” with devoting yourself to such a cause.

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I hope you can do one last reading for me if possible
A love reading want to know if i will find love soon
And thank you

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Sorry man, I am done for this cycle. Surely there will be more readings from me in the future, so keep your eyes open :+1:t2:

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That’s really accurate thank you!

I don’t want to unload all my baggage unto you, but know that you are a gifted reader.

I’ve studied abroad far from home for 4 years and plan to embark on an other journey soon.

I am devoted to Santisima Muerte and wanted to help people that have to die alone, but I haven’t mustered the courage, yet. Since my fear of death started at an early age (4 I’m talking panic attacks, crying and becoming depressed because of the meaninglessness of all), I still have issues confronting it, but I think that I should take the step after you reading.

Thank you so much.

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Hey, thank you for your reply :slight_smile: Have you thought about taking a course for becoming a volunteer in palliative care (for hospice work, etc?) I think it would be a good way to find out if you can strip away your own fear of death during such a course, while interacting with dying people and their caregivers

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