3 free Hybrid Spirit/Tarot readings in honor of Prince Orobas

I’m using the Occult Tarot deck.

You can choose, a 4-6 week into your future general forecast divination.

Or ask an answer to a specific yes or no question.

Or inquire about a certain matter ( in a general way)

First the people posting interest here will be served.

I will confirm your place and begin by PM.

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I will take one please. General future is fine.

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Ok you’re first, I’ll pm you in a moment.

ill take onee – general 4-6 weeks forecast

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Ok beach your number two. I’ll PM you ok about fifteen minutes

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I’d like one please.

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Snowblind you’re third I’ll be with you in about half an hour

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@Mulberry or @DarkestKnight
Please lock the thread thank you.