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For some reason I’m getting anxious from reading this one like bad feel in your stomach the card talk of fear anxiety and a whole host of negativity the conflict is internal. Need open your eye to aspects of your life that aren’t necessary my it be your mind set or current environment do not suppress your feelings face like the world be confident, determined and free you already know what capable of just need to walk forward the journey starts now no one can push you it’s up to make the choice whatever it is be confident in it and dedicated to. That about all I got any feedback is appreciated.

That answer is sadly no there a narrow minded thinking when go about this and won’t benefit you should focus more or yourself rather then chase after these type of things you’ll be numb too all in the end. Any feedback is helpful.

I’m have difficulty interpreting this on so take with a grain of salt tell me what your doing is not a bad thing but charging head first is not smart choice slow down a bit relax and take time out for yourself listens to yourself and your need and try to set goal that are obtainable be ready to step out into the unknown in future to accommodate your needs. Any feedback is helpful.

That card tell me hit a obstacle in your life and debating whether resolve it is worth your time or give up on the matter entirely would be better for you health seem life is throw more then what you can take and have negative effects on many aspects of yourself externally and internally and your currently take the the time to think about yourself and your current situation. You may feel that the problem are impossible to solve but may a different perspective might help call upon those you can trust they may help you in the end. Any feedback is helpful.

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I’d be grateful for a reading :slight_smile:

The card tell that your energy is too spread out you need to focus. ask yourself what will benefit me the most then work toward those goal.the cards tell me you don’t want to give up on these things it might just be pride but it might be best to listen to inner voice and move on. there is no winning or losing just gain and lost the conflict that you face are only temporary you’ll find something that suit your needs elsewhere. Also remember that can’t make everyone happy in then end their just intersecting path so follow your own take look at bigger picture and ask yourself how does fit in my plan and can I achieve it. Lasty you might be prone to emotional outbursts don’t suppress your views. Any feedback is helpful.


This is just on point for myself. Just what i was going through and what needed to be done. Thankyou os much for this.

Thank you so much! I understand how this spread would apply to me.

“be ready to step out into the unknown in future to accommodate your needs.” I interpret that as telling me that I have to get out of my comfort zone.

May I get a reading, about love, lust, and loss.


Thanks you are on point and this helps a lot

May I have one, please