3 Free Astrological Readings #8 [Closed]

3 free chart readings, putting new skills to use. Not a professional, don’t take my readings as destiny. Feedback is always appreciated. If you have experience, please do offer advice. :grin:


  • I will PM the responders.
  • I will ask for natal chart data (Birth Date, time, and town)
  • A response will take a day or two. The reports can get long.

*** No personal relationship advice. Tends to get unnecessarily over complicated
Surface relations are fine. (friends, colleagues, etc) Just provide their full birth chart info.

I’d like one

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I’ll take one

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Would I also like one, if possible?

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I’ll do a reading and profile summary on yours in exchange. Let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi, I would love one…

Can I have one please