3 6 9 manifestation method

So I stumbled upon this method that I haven’t seen here so I thought I’d share to give it more light.

I just tried it and I’ll post when there’s results.

What you do is write down on a paper the name of the person you want something from or contact you three times.

step two is to write down the intention six times.

lastly you write down the action nine times.

an example of this would be:

John, John, John

John and I will be friends again, John and I will be friends again, John and I will be friends again, John and I will be friends again, John and I will be friends again, John and I will be friends again

John will facetime me, (write that 9x times. just do as the above)


And what do you do with the papers? :slight_smile: What was your personal experience with it?

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Well I did write I just did it and haven’t had any results yet. I will post results when there is some.
I did read about two other people’s experiwnce with it and one of them just did it as a joke and it worked with someone that they hadn’t talked to in months. :slight_smile:


thank you for sharing, however i would like to correct you in one part. You are using the future tense there, which ruin the magic. In other words, magic and spirits, or lets say the universe don’t understand “time” but it understand the language and its intentions.

So, when you say XXX will be my friend. you are basically declaring not having that person as a friend and u want him to be a friend. In other words, you are just saying i don’t have that person as a friend. which is not effective. However, when u say “xxx is my friend” you are telling the universe that XXX is indeed ur friend. from that your magic has no doubt or lack.

Lastly, you could understand this if you have done candle magic before, when you do them u are visualizing the outcome as u have it and how everything will feel and be like. its the same thing in petitions as well. As you have it already.

I hope this is helpful, and i am sorry for taking ur thread from you. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah I know I just made it like I saw on the video I watched about it. I was kind of wondering why they didn’t do that instead but I wanted to try it out anyways since they said it worked for them.
But yeah it’d be better to just put ”he and I ARE friends” instead of how they did it but yeah :slight_smile:
will definitely try that aswell though

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some say you can keep them till the desire is manifested, but i like to burn them and throw the ashes into the world.

However, sometimes i keep the petition for a certain time. for instance, love spell petitions, I do my ritual and give my offering to the spirit and drop some blood on petition then i put it under my pillow for 3 or 7 days. depends on the working. and after the last day, I burn it.

Hope this helps, good luck

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Well, i am happy to hear that u are trying to help the community. But, i also would like to remind u, if this craft was not created by you, please always give the credits for who done them or taught them to you.

Lastly, please be careful who u take ur information from. not a lot of people are familiar and experts and you never know what their beliefs and pathway is that they are following.

*Be Blessed.

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You don’t have to do it in the present tense. It’s not an affirmation, you are rewriting reality, so “John will be my friend again” is perfectly fine.

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True as well, and i want to emphasize, i didn’t say its wrong or not going to work. I said “saying i don’t have that person as a friend … is not effective” and as a more effective way is through writing it as an affirmation.

Thats just my thoughts and my own experience in petitions.

They took it from someone and I don’t know who so I couldn’t give them credit for it since I don’t know who made it. I am careful and I’m not new to magick but it’s good for other people to read it that are new to it :slight_smile:

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yeah of course, and thank you for being open minded and not taking it personally.

As always we share knowledge and we learn from each other.

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Just a little testimony, I completed this manifestation method myself and it worked, but I wasn’t specific enough. :joy:

I’ve been wanting a chakra tattoo for the longest time. For what I wanted, I felt like my usual shop I go to was overcharging me so I held off on it. I thought about this tattoo so much though that I assume the universe gave me another opportunity to get it. A friend of my mother does tattoos as a sidejob. He did my tattoo and I’m so happy! Fairly large and I paid a quarter of what I would’ve paid at the shop for it. Only complaint is the yellow and orange not showing up on my skin, but that’s out of everyone’s control with me being brown. :joy: :joy:

Here’s where the manifestation comes in.The night before my session, I tried to manifest the tattoo for free. Felt really good about it but as soon as I was done meditating over the situation, I instantly thought, “I wasn’t specific enough. It’s gonna be another tattoo I get for free.”
Sure enough it was. He messaged me a few days ago and told me to come by Sunday for my next tattoo on the house.

Love this method! Just have to be more specific next time. Thanks for sharing this. :heart:

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