[2PM Wed] LIVE CHAT: Standing At The Crossroads Of Evolution & Revolution

LIVE CHAT: Standing At The Crossroads Of Evolution & Revolution

Watch 2 PM-ET Wednesday - As Homo sapiens evolve toward Homo deus, it triggers a revolution in the soul of humanity to lose their chains and awaken to their magick power.

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I really liked that Asmoday video.
Revolution is the name of the beast, of course.

I have found Lawful Goodness in myself, but I can’t help but draw power from the lies our culture hammered into my identity.

Timothy asked Jesus why he didn’t just go to Athens, where he would be free to teach his ways. Jesus said he had to follow the prophecy. Physically true or not, this is a good warning to occultists.

Ascent can make life look like a Michael Bay movie. The entire universe seems to react to one’s mind like a lucid dream. If one can awaken the vision of others, it gets a thousand times stronger. Every word and situation becomes a constant spiritual dialogue that is reflected wider and wider in society and nature and the planes beyond.

To hold fast, to be still and serene in the roaring maw of madness. To be silent. That is power.
I am a leaf on the wind

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I love dancing.

Good point.
How much control do u have over universe using your mind?

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My mind exists within the universe, so none
How many humans are in on this channel?
Whatever, bots make fine companions.
I saw, I played Conker’s bad fur day, I came
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I’ll be around