[2PM Wed] LIVE CHAT: Journeying Beyond The Gates — Alchemy In Overdrive

LIVE CHAT: Journeying Beyond The Gates — Alchemy In Overdrive

Watch 2 PM-ET Wednesday - Black alchemy has kicked my magick into “overdrive” and accelerated my journey “beyond the gates.” Discover why demonic ascent triggers alchemy in modern magicians more powerfully than any other current in history.

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Fuck that … You pay for super chat and he never even replies … All he talks to are his little pets

Where is the dis like button?

You have real guts that you say all these in his forum.

I paid for something I didn’t get and it’s not the first time.

I have a right to voice how I feel about that …

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And yes I am a real bitch.

I’m sure I’m not the only one this happened to but as you say.
Yea I’m probably the only with the guts to say shit about it.

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I don’t handle anything connected to the business side of BALG, and I presume E.A. and/or Timothy will see this and respond (or not, I have no idea) as they see fit, so I’m stepping back as far as “forum moderator” goes, unless Timothy contacts me to request otherwise.