2nd International Left Hand Path Conference, Indiana, July 25th - 27th

Anyone going to this or know anything about it? It looks like it could be cool, wish we had something like it in England!

The 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference 2014 July 25-27, 2014 Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis Marriott East 7202 East 21st Street Indianapolis Indiana 46219 USA



I hadn’t heard of this.
Thanks for the post LafyEva.I live an hour away from Indianapolis so I’ll try to check this out!

If you’re skint, try getting in on the basis you’ll help out with something, that sometimes works with events. :wink:

Damn! Lucky people there… All we have here is a crappy New Age fair called Mystic Fair, only weird hippies…

It is not truly a LHP conference unless there are protests from Christian groups. That’s how you know its worth attending, so I hope they get riled up! Some of the presenters I would love to meet, like Andrieh Vitmus, and Taylor Ellwood. I would so love to go. If only my life wasn’t in ruins…

Yes!!! I’ll definitely be there if at all possible!