2nd Evocation attempt

I just got done with an attempt to evoke Sitri. Not sure if he came, but I gave him the charge anyways. I will give an update in the next week.

Did you do any divination afterward (or during) to confirm that Sitri really was there?

No. I don’t know how. I am very new to all this. Divination was not part of the ritual in the book I was using: How to Conjure a Spirit. How would I have done that?

You could use a pendulum for a “Yes/No” answer. That would probably be the simplest way. Other than that you can use Tarot or dice.

You would just ask a question then read your cards or pendulum. You can hold a session of question and answers like “Is here?" "Can you do_”


Then divine afterwards to make sure that the answers you got during the conjuration were legit.