27 club coincidence or something more sinister

I’m curious about magic and the arts but I just feel like dabbling in that stuff would significantly change my life and maybe not for the better. I see all these mainstream artist blow up out of no where looking all like clones of eachother promoting 666 and selling your soul is convinced that the majority of celebrities and musicians are a part of have dabbled in the occult am example of this is the 27 club Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse Jimmy Hendrix they all dies at 27 after a phenomenal but abrupt music careers lil uzi very a more recent artist who blew up back in early 2016 has taken over the hiphop music with his unique sound i honestly believe that he had spells cast on his masters and that he has demonic assistance helping him along his journey long story short he say Marilyn Manson is god And he will give his live at the age of 27 to the pale emperor his own words anyone wanna spread some incite on this topic were these abrupt deaths all coincidence or could it be that they all made pacts and had to pay up there part of he bargain?

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So the biggest coincidence with the 27 club to me is drug use. Jimi, Janice, Kurt, Jim Morrison, Winehouse, etc, were all prolific drug abusers. There is very little magick more destructive to the individual than the self induced curse; make no mistake, drug addiction is absolutely what that is.

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This may help some shead light on the fallacy of “pacts for selling your soul” for you.

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I really just can’t believe that evocking Andy invoking demons and spirits don’t come wo Th conciqunces it can’t be as simple as study magic learn and do without any kinda of reprecutions like um do Sorceres make it to heaven or do they even get the of what they do in the afterlife

:thinking: this is a subjective question, the answers you’ll get will vary greatly depending on each personal personal paradigm.

For example i am a mixed bag of genetic history from texas, i was not raised with any ties to any religon but have strong spirtual “pulls” towards the norse and vedic traditions, i work with those forces and the old ones of the lovecraftian current, have worked with archangels,been lead to lessons that helped my growth by the demonic king Azazel, work with raw elemental and planetary energies and am currently exploring the persian current with black magic of ahriman. And my life is steadily and constantly getting better as i explore these currents and my own nature.

Personally i dont have alot of interest in the religious versions of “heaven” other than what knowledge and power may be able to extract from them. :grin: there are likely as many versions of the afterlife as there are cultures ob the planet so why limit yourself to the idea of one when you could potentially explore them while still living.

Theres an astrological explanation that I heard once that involves saturn transiting its position in your natal chart that seemed a much more rational explanation than a Faustian deal.

Search for 27 in numerology. Numerology is a powerful but instable combination

they exist…but believe what you will